My MAC Pigment Collection

Hello Lovelies,
As you know I love MAC Cosmetics, and my favourite products from the brand are their eye shadows and their pigments. For today's post I've decided to share with you my beloved MAC pigment collection!
I love MAC pigments because they are so versatile. You can use them as wet or dry as eyeshadow, you can wear them as highlighter or on your lips, and if you're feeling really creative you can even mix them in with your nail polish or moisturiser. I'm pretty sure there are probably even more ways make up artists use these pigments, but I usually just wear my MAC pigments as eyeshadow, and as it stands I have 7 pigments in my collection.
MAC Pigment Collection
First I'd like to start by saying what amazing value MAC pigments are! They retail for £16.00 and you roughly get 4.5g of product which will last you a very long time! I use these pigments on my eyes with an eyeshadow primer and they last on my lids all day without creasing.
One thing that I noticed about the packaging of MAC pigments when I was taking the pictures for this blog post is that the lids are made of a similar material to that pesky NARS packaging which is pretty much impossible to keep clean haha!
MAC Pigment SwatchesYou can probably tell from my collection that I am a neutrals lover. I've swatched the colours on my arm for you so you can see just how beautiful and opaque these shades are!
MAC Melon is a beautiful golden peach colour and it has a frost finish.
MAC Tan is a lovely bronze shade that has a browney pink tone to it.
MAC Blue Brown is the most unique colour in my collection. As the name suggests, this shade has blue and brown tones. To me the colour of this pigment looks different depending on the light and it is a truly stunning shade!
MAC Aurora is a limited edition pigment that's no longer available so I won't say much about it other than it's a lovely grey shade.
MAC Naked is one of my favourite pigments! It's a beautiful matte beige pigment with pearl effect. I don't think my swatch does it justice and if you don't already own this shade definitely check it out next time you're at MAC!
MAC Copper Sparkle is a gorgeous sparkly copper colour. D'oh!  
MAC Vanilla This is the first MAC pigment I ever purchased. MAC describe it as an ivory white on their website and I use this product as an inner corner highlight or to highlight my cheekbones.
Well lovelies, these are all my MAC pigments. I love these pigments so much that I am pretty sure I will be adding even more shades to my collection in the future!
What's your favourite MAC pigment? Don't forget to leave me a comment down below and until tomorrow,
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  1. Your collection is amazing, I've always wondered about their pigments. You got some great shades in your collection. Tan reminds me very similar to their Sable shade in their shadow collection would be a alternative. That Blue-Brown shade is very different that would be a shade I would most likely pick up because don't think you could find that as a shadow any where. That is a shame that their lids never stay clean, that would be something that would bother me lol haha. One thing I would suggests is maybe pressing them so you can have them on travel too.

    Katie |

  2. I need to start collecting pigments from MAC!
    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

  3. Melon and Copper Sparkle are on my wishlist!

    Coco | The Beauty Milk

  4. Oooh Copper Sparkle looks fabulous! I might have to add that to my list. I have Rose pigment and its great, especially at this time of year.



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