Easy Paella Recipe For Fussy Eaters

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Hello Lovelies,
Today I am going to share with you another dish which I recently mastered, and it's a really simple way to make a paella!
Paella recipe ingredients from Sainsbury's
Here's the list of things you will need:
400g diced chicken
Olive oil 
1 clove of garlic
1 red onion
1 tablespoon of paprika
300g arborio rice
600ml chicken stock
1 red pepper
100g green beans
100g peas
1 lemon
Salt and pepper to season
Now to the cooking part.
The first thing you need to do is brown the diced chicken in a pan with some olive oil. The chicken doesn't need to be completely cooked at this stage. Then you add the chopped red onion and clove of garlic and you cook this until the onion softens. After that you add a tablespoon of paprika, 300g of risotto rice, some salt and pepper and 600ml of chicken stock. This needs to be stirred and cooked on a medium heat for about 10 minutes. Don't be alarmed at this stage if the meal looks more like soup than paella. As the food is cooking the stock will evaporate and the rice will thicken the paella.
While the food is cooking you can chop the paprika and slice the beans and once the 10 minutes are up you add them to the pan together with 100g of frozen peas. You then stir the dish, cover it up again and let it simmer for about another 20 minutes. Finally you slice the lemon, pop it on top of the dish and voila, you have a healthy, low calorie paella! I like this Paella because it's low in calories and pretty tasty at the same time. I actually hate spicy food so this dish is perfect if you like your food bland like me haha!
As they used to say on Blue Peter, here's one I made earlier:
Chicken Paella Easy Recipe
You can obviously add nasty fishy things such as prawns to this recipe, but I don't eat seafood so I would never do that. I like this recipe because it's easy and it doesn't include anything I won't eat!
Thanks for reading and until tomorrow,
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1 comment

  1. This looks delicious!
    It's a fab idea to adapt a traditional recipie like this to suit your tastes. When I think of Paella, I think of spice and prawns which is silly really becuase like you say, it doesn't have to be spicey or contain any seafood!
    It's always great to experiment in the kitchen and come up with something new that tastes great :)



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