Black Friday Haul

Black Friday Haul
Hello Lovelies,
As you all know, last Friday was Black Friday. Like most of the Nation I took advantage of the sales and did a little bit of shopping, and today I thought I'd share with you the bits I picked up. Don't get too excited though because this isn't a massive haul or anything. However, I did make a rather exciting purchase so read on to see what I got!
Black Friday Haul Chanel Beauty Blender
I love the Twist and Spray range from Chanel because well, who doesn't want to carry around a travel size Chanel fragrance in their handbag? I know I do! I took advantage of a 10% off all beauty offer in my local department store and picked up the Chanel Eau Tendre Twist and Spray. Chanel Eau Tendre is a fruity floral fragrance and the notes in it include grapefruit-quince, jasmine and white musks. I'm a massive fan of Chanel fragrance and I am so glad I have now added the Eau Tendre to my collection!
This year I have become obsessed with beauty blenders. I don't even think it is possible for me to apply my foundation without using this little miracle sponge! I go through about 4 beauty blenders a year because somehow I struggle to look after them properly and after a few months they just end up looking like a foundation drenched mess.  I figured why not pick up another one up in the Black Friday sales so that's what I did!
All Saints Leather Jacket
Ok so this is the exciting item I splurged on in the Black Friday sales! I have wanted a leather jacket from All Saints for quite some time now, and when I saw that the brand were offering 30% off pretty much their entire range I knew it was the right time to treat myself! All Saints leather jackets are super stylish and amazing quality, and I can't wait to start wearing this little beauty! When it comes to more expensive fashion purchases I prefer buying classic pieces that I know I will wear for a while. An All Saint leather jacket is something I will definitely get a lot of wear out of. I also know this won't go out of fashion after one season, so to me it's totally worth the money!
Well lovelies, that's it for my Black Friday haul! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got. I know I always love looking at what other people are buying haha! Did you pick up anything in the sales? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the last day of Blogvember!
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