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MAC Lady Danger
Hey Lovelies,
I think you know the score by now. I use a lot of MAC make up, and when I have 6 empties I return them to MAC in exchange for a free lipstick. The biggest surprise in this empties post is that it does not include a brush cleanser haha! If you have read all my other Back To MAC posts, you will know that they always seem to include an empty brush cleanser, but not this post my lovelies! If you are interested in finding out which products I've used up, then read on!
Back To MAC Empties
I love MAC Strobe Cream and have been using it for years. It's a moisturiser that gives a glow to the skin because it has iridescent particles in it. I actually use Strobe Cream as a primer over my moisturiser and I love how it makes my skin look radiant and healthy, even if I am wearing full coverage foundation and powder!
MAC Translucent Setting Powder, Pro Product
I should have checked the official name of this product before I gave it back to MAC because I am not sure what this lose translucent setting powder is called. I do know that it's a pro product and it was given to me as part of my kit when I did my make up course at the London College of Fashion.
MAC Lustre Drops in Sun Rush
I am not having much luck with this empties post because this is another product I can't find on the MAC website either  haha! Sun Rush basically a gold liquid bronzer that you can wear on its own or mixed in with your foundation. Just like the previous product I mentioned, I got this product as part of my kit at the London College of Fashion. I did a course there over 5 years ago, and  decided that these Lustre Drops must be way past their sell by date which is why I included them in my MAC empties. 
As the name suggests, this is a waterproof brow gel which sets and adds colour to your brows. I liked how this product kept my brows in place without making them feel crunchy which some brow gels can do, so I will be repurchasing this again at some point for sure.
I actually bought this because MAC Fix Plus was out of stock when I needed to replenish it. You can use this product underneath your make up to hydrate your skin, or over your make up to refresh it. I really enjoyed using this but I have now gone back to MAC Fix Plus which is my all time favourite setting spray!
This is one of those pen style highlighters that has a brush applicator. I use this after I apply my foundation and concealer on the parts of my face which I want to highlight, so basically my cupids bow, my chin, the centre of forehead and under my eyes. This product is designed to give a wash of colour to the face where you need it rather than a lot of coverage which I think is great because after I've applied my foundation and concealer, I don't really need any more coverage, just something to softly define my features. This is another product which I shall be repurchasing!
Well now that I've shared my empties with you it's time to look at the lipstick I chose!  I am actually quite proud of myself because rather than choosing yet another nude lipstick, I decided to try something different and picked up Lady Danger for my Back to MAC free lipstick. Lady Danger has a matte finish and is incredibly pigmented. Christmas is pretty much around the corner now and I am going through a bit of a gold smokey eye and red lip thing at the moment which is why I went with this colour.
Here's a swatch so you can admire how beautiful this lipstick is!
MAC Lady Danger Swatch
As you can see Lady Danger is a bright coral red. What I love about this lipstick is how versatile it is. I can wear it in winter for a Christmassy look, but it will also look amazing in the summer because it is so bright!
Well as always thank you for reading lovelies, I hope you've enjoyed my latest Back to MAC post and don't forget to come back tomorrow for another dose of Blogvember on Dolled Up London!
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