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MAC Faux Lipstick
Hello Lovelies,
Some of my most popular posts on my blog have been my Back To MAC posts, and today is your lucky day because I'm bringing you my 8th Back To MAC post! In case you don't know what Back To MAC is, it's a scheme they have where you can return 6 MAC empties to them (you can do this at a counter or online) and get a free lipstick. Not going to say no to that now am I! 
I went to my local MAC counter yesterday so let's look at the empties I gave them in exchange for a lipstick.
Back To MAC 6 Empties
If you've read my previous Back to MAC posts it should come as no surprise to you that I have included yet another brush cleanser in my empties post. I've been using the MAC brush cleanser for as long as I can remember. It sanitises and cleans my brushes without damaging the bristles.
I've also used up another MAC Fix +. I regularly use this product to set my make up or to dampen my brush when using pigments or even eyeshadows to intensify the colour.
Recently I had a bit of a make up clear out which is where the next 4 products come in. 5 years ago I did my make up course at the London College of Fashion. The make up kit that we received on the course was all MAC make up, and we were given a selection of MAC Full Coverage Foundations. I really like this foundation. As the name suggests it's full coverage. D'oh. I've used this product as foundation and I've also used it as concealer. During my clear out I found the shade NC45 in my make up stash which is way too dark for me. This product is now also about 5 years old which must be kind of gross so I decided to Back To MAC it.
I am definitely a browns, golds and nudes kind of eyeshadow girl but I did have MAC's Aquadisiac eyeshadow in my make up collection which again I have owned for over 5 years. It's a really gorgeous colour and I used to wear it a lot on my bottom lashline. I think that trend is kind of gone now and this eyeshadow hasn't had any love from me for quite a few years so I decided to send it to recycling heaven at MAC.
Finally I also dumped 2 lipsticks, Coral Bliss and Hue. I've not been wearing these lipsticks much at all and they had broken off where I've owned them for so long so I thought why not exchange them for a new lippie!
The lipstick I picked up is Faux, which is, surprise surprise, another nude. I like this shade because it's not too pale and not too dark. I hate using cliches but Faux to me is a your lips but better kind of colour. It has a satin finish and MAC describe it on their website as a muted mauve pink.
I know that everybody loves a good swatch so here you go, enjoy!
MAC Faux Lipstick Swatch
Well I hope you've enjoyed delving into my latest MAC empties and checking out which lipstick I exchanged them for!
What's your favourite MAC lipstick? Don't forget to let me know in the comments below and until tomorrow,
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  1. Faux is such a gorgeous shade!

    Emily xo

  2. Faux is one of my favourite shades, I think I have purchased it twice x


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