Top 3 Albums That Changed My Life

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Hey Lovelies,
Today I'm going to give you a little break from beauty posts and share with you the top 3 albums that changed my life. This was a hashtag that was trending on Twitter a while back, and as I am a bit stuck on ideas for what to write about today, I thought I'd turn the hashtag into a blog post for you. I hope you enjoy!
Michael Jackson Dangerous Cassette
The first album that I'm going to talk about that changed my life is Dangerous by Michael Jackson. Dangerous the first cassette I ever owned so I had to include it simply for nostalgic reasons. It goes without saying that Michael Jackson is one of the greatest music legends of our time. Personally I can't say that I still listen to MJ much anymore, but like everyone I know all his songs and immediately recognise them when they come on the radio. I'm pretty sure his music will live on forever and his Dangerous will forever hold a special place in my heart as my first album. The picture I've included is the original cassette my parents bought me all the way back in 1991!
Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion Vol 2 cassette
 The second album that changed my life is technically 2 albums I know, but these albums were released at the same time by the greatest band ever so I'm going to count them as one masterpiece. Yes, I'm talking about Use Your Illusions I and II by Guns N' Roses. If you follow me on social media you will probably know that I absolutely love Guns N' Roses. Don't get me wrong, the material they released post the Use Your Illusions albums wasn't their best, but as far as I'm concerned after Slash and Duff left the band wasn't really Guns N' Roses anymore. Anyway, I digress. The reason I picked Use Your Illusions is because I was obsessed with these 2 albums as a pre teen and teen in the 90s. On my 14th birthday I remember listening to 14 Years and thinking about how shit my life was. Now don't get me wrong, my life wasn't really that bad, but well, I was a just teenager with the weight of the world on her shoulders haha. To this day I still love both these albums and I'm so glad that the former band members have made up and are touring together again! I've included a photo of my orginal tape of Use Your Illusion 2 for you to laugh at. I have no idea what happened to Volume 1 but I'm not too worried as I have both these albums safely downloaded on iTunes for my listening pleasure.
Eminem The Real Slim Shady LP CD
The final album on my list is The Slim Shady LP by Eminem. These days I don't listen to Eminem as much as I listen to Guns N' Roses, but when this album came out all the way back in 1997 I played it on repeat for about 2 years haha! I was 16 and my brother was 6 and we both knew all the lyrics to this album and used to play charades using Eminem songs. My mother must have been thrilled about what I was teaching my kid brother. I think rap music has changed a lot over the years (or maybe I just got old), but I can't stand most of the rap records that are put out now. The Slim Shady LP however is brilliant and I actually find the offensive lyrics on there not only hilarious but pure genius at the same time. Must be my twisted sence of humour but Eminem, you are a legend!
Well those are the top 3 albums that changed my life. If you've not listened to any of these then, what can I say other than... do you live under a rock?!
Which albums would be in your top 3? Let me know in all the comments below or even better write up blog post and leave me your link so I can check out which 3 albums changed your life!
Thank you for reading and until tomorrow,
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1 comment

  1. OMG Nuala! Michael Jackson's Dangerous Album is one of my all time faves! I love e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g about it! Like you, I don't listen to much MJ anymore but I do know pretty much all of his songs off by heart! It's so adorable that you still have your first cassette tape!

    Love you sightly alternative taste in music. I'm a music technology graduate so I like lots of different music too. xx / Bloglovin’/ Instagram


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