Rehoming a Dog from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home #WhoNeedsWho
Hey Lovelies,
I hope you are all having a great start to 2016! I know I haven't written any blog posts in a while, but I was working flat out in December and just didn't have the time. Lately I have been thinking about where I want to go with my blog this year and decided to set myself a very simple and achievable blog goal: Blog more in 2016 than you did in 2015! Every month I will see how many posts I had written the previous year and aim to write at least one more post than I did during that month of 2015. Last January I didn't blog at all, so I am starting the year on an increase in posts already haha! I'm also going to be blogging a mix of beauty and lifestyle, rather than just beauty which is what I did when I started this blog.
Today's post is going to be all about my recent visit to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. Battersea is my local animal shelter and one I have visited plenty of times over the years. I aim to never go empty handed, and I always try to take blankets, towels or pet food with me on each visit. Even if I don't have anything to donate, I always make sure to give them a note when paying my entry fee (which is £2.00 per person) and tell them to keep the change.
Battersea Dogs and Cats Home Admission
This month I went to Battersea because one of my friends is getting a dog from them. Obviously you can't just walk into Battersea (or any other respectable animal rehoming charity) and say you want a dog then walk out with one. There is a registration process which you need to go through which I thought I'd tell you more about today. 
When we arrived at Battersea we went to reception where my friend told the receptionist that she was here to register to rehome a dog. She was then given a form to fill in that asks you more information on things like your lifestyle, where you live, your thoughts on things like neutering/spaying , what type of dog you want and how much training you are willing to give the dog.
There are different types of dogs at Battersea, some older, some younger. Around half the animals there are strays, the other half have been given up by their owners because they can no longer care for them. Smaller dog breeds are more easily rehomed than larger ones. 
Battersea Dogs And Cats Home Border Collie Rehoming
Batteresa aim to rehome the right dog to the right person which is pretty clear throughout the entire registration process. After my friend had filled out the form we waited for a couple of minutes before she was interviewed by a friendly rehoming lady. In the interview Battersea want to find out things like why you want to rehome a dog from them, how much experience you have with dogs, if you are allowed dogs in the property in which you live and how much time the dog would be spending on his own. Needless to say you won't get a dog from them if you work full time and the poor pooch would be left on his own for hours on end each day. My friend works as a personal trainer and is self employed so her circumstances are pretty perfect for having a dog. 
My friend passed the interview stage and Battersea said they would be in touch to arrange a home vist to make sure the flat in which she lives is suitable for a dog. Since we were at Battersea they have contacted her and seen her flat. Where she lives is quite small yet she's looking for an active dog, so Battersea suggested a small breed like a Jack Russell for her. 
The next step for my friend now is finding the right dog. As she lives with her brother Battersea make sure that the dog she adopts gets on with her as well as her brother. This means he will have to meet the dog she decides to rehome too. Rehoming a dog from Battersea is all about finding the right dog for the right owner, and this can sometimes take a while. If my friend sees a dog on their website she likes, she can now call them and ask for him (or her) to be reserved for 24 hours so that she can meet him and see if they are a match. Sounds a bit like online dating haha! You can only reserve a dog at Battersea after you have registered and had your home visit.
Battersea Dogs And Cats Home Border Collie Rehoming
After my friend had her interview at Battersea, we had a look around the kennels. Sadly you can't stroke the dogs when they are in kennels because kennel cough can be transmitted this way.
Here is a photo of Dobbie the border collie, who was by far my favourite dog I met that day. He was so alert, clever and playful which is pretty typical of his breed. If I was in a position to get a dog, I would have definitely wanted to rehome Dobbie because he was the best! He loved his rope and when I said to him Dobbie where's your ball, he went and got me his squeeky ball. Words cannot express how lovely he was! Sadly I can't have a dog at the moment because I work full time and unlike my friend, I can't take my dog to work with me. Otherwise I would have loved to adopt Dobbie!
I did however keep my eye on the Battersea website, and I am so happy that Dobbie has been rehomed! As for my friend, she is currently waiting for her brother to come back from his holiday at the end of the month so that they can find the right dog give him his furever home!
I hope you have enjoyed this post lovelies! Do you have a dog? Let me know in the comments below as I love finding out about people's dogs! 
Thank you for reading and until next time,
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