Pandora Haul

Pandora Charm Bracelet
Hey Lovelies,
So on Friday it was finally payday, and I did what everyone else who has been eagerly awaiting this day since Christmas did: I went shopping! I actually had a bit of a splurge at Pandora, and I thought it would be nice to share with you the pieces I picked up.
Pandora Paw Charm
I love Pandora jewellery and I've finally filled up my Pandora charm bracelet. It's taken me arond 2 years to do this, but I got there in the end haha! The final charm I got for my bracelet was this super cute paw print charm. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love pets. I fell in love with this charm last year, and as I didn't end up getting it for Christmas I decided to treat myself to it instead. The sales associate at Pandora actually asked me if I was buying the charm for my pet. Erm no, it's not for my pet, it's for me! I don't know what use a Pandora charm would be for my cat, other than to play with it for 2 minutes and then either get bored of it or lose it haha!
Pandora Rings
I also bought 2 rings from Pandora. I've always wanted a Pandora ring but I never treated myself to one until the other day and I'm so glad I did. I chose the star ring to wear on my index finger and the heart ring to wear as a thumb ring. I know it's not everybody's cup of tea, but I am a big fan of the lots of rings, lots of bracelets and a black manicure look. I loved that look when I was a teen 20 years later I still haven't grown out of it haha!
Pandora Openwork Floral Charm
When I was in the Pandora shop I was debating whether or not to buy a leather bracelet, but I was already purchasing 3 items I decided to leave it. However I met up with 2 of my friends later that day, and they bought me this lovely floral openwork charm as a belated birthday present. Well my Pandora bracelet is now full, so now I will have to go back to my local Pandora shop and buy the leather bracelet I had my eye on so I can put my latest charm on it. It's almost like fate that I'm supposed to have this bracelet haha!
I hope you have enjoyed this haul lovelies. What do you love from Pandora? Let me know in the comments below!
As always, thank you for reading and until next time,
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  1. I loooooove Pandora. I live near a store and I buy something nearly every week, it's really bad! I love the rings, I have 15 of them now and wear them all stacked with dark nails like you say. I have the star ring too :)

  2. Awww I love them! Especially the little paw <3 xox


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