Champagne Christmas Pudding from Graze

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Graze Champagne Christmas Pudding
Hey Lovelies,
Christmas is nearly upon us so I thought I'd share with you the Champagne Christmas pudding which I  was recently sent from Graze. I'm a big fan of Graze and I love their snacks that are not only healthy but delicious at the same time, so I was quite intrigued to see what their Champagne Christmas pudding is all about. First things first, this is an ACTUAL 454g Christmas pudding and not a Christmas pudding inspired snack that comes in a small punnet like all other Graze snacks. It also tastes a lot lighter than your usual Christmas pudding and you even get Belgian white chocolate and freeze dried raspberries to pour on top! I have to admit, the Belgian white chocolate was perhaps my favourite thing about this Christmas pudding as it tasted absolutely delicious. (Small disclaimer: I am a bit of a chocoholic).
The first thing I noticed when I unwrapped my Graze Champagne Christmas Pudding* is the scent of champagne which is not surprising considering it contains French Brut Champagne. It's a really fruity pudding that contains raisins, sultanas and currants. I'm not actually a Christmas pudding fan, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Graze Champagne Christmas Pudding* because it isn't as heavy or soaked in brandy like your traditional Christmas puddings are. 
Graze Champagne Christmas Pudding
If you follow me on Twitter or know me in real life you will probably know that I cannot cook to save my life, but I had lots of fun preparing my Graze Champagne Christmas pudding*. There area several options how you can prepare your Graze Champagne Christmas pudding*. You can microwave it, boil it or steam it. I decided to steam mine because I thought it would taste even better this way. The Belgian Chocolate comes in a usual Graze punnet together with the freeze dried raspberries. The chocolate does need to be poured into a separate bowl and heated up in the microwave before you can pour it over the pudding. I'm actually quite proud of myself for preparing my Champagne Christmas pudding without any major accidents because the kitchen and I are not friends haha! Here you can see how mine turned out. A full ingredients list as well as instructions on how to prepare this pudding are on the packaging sleeve.
Graze Champagne Christmas Pudding
I can't believe that it's Christmas next week already, and if you like the sound of this Christmas pudding click here for the link to the Graze website where you can order yours for £10.00 including delivery. If you're stuck for any last minute gift ideas, you can even order one as a Christmas gift for someone!
I hope you've enjoyed this post. Thank you as always for reading and until next time,

The (tounge-in-cheek) Christmas Tag

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Hey Lovelies,
I hope you are all well and having a good December so far. As you may have already guessed from the title today's post is going to be the Christmas Tag. Kirsty from Tartan Bones put this tag up on her blog a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed reading it so I decided to give it a go myself. The photo is of my cat Billie. She loves Christmas just as much as I do. Enjoy!
What is your favourite Christmas movie?
I do not have a favourite Christmas movie. I have the attention span of a goldfish so I don't watch a lot of movies and when I do, they are most certainly not Christmas ones. And don't even get me started on Christmas music. It makes my ears bleed even more than X Factor does.
Do you open presents on Christmas eve or Christmas morning?
My mother is German and in Germany you open your presents on Christmas eve so that's what we do. I'd quite like to open my presents on Christmas morning for a change, but when I asked my Mutter she said Nein so we open them on Christmas eve. Ordnung muss sein and all that.
Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
Opening presents and eating home made Yorkshire puddings with gravy.
Favourite festive food?
None. I'm probably one of the world's fussiest eaters and I don't have a favourite Christmas food. Everything I eat is available all year round. I actually get more excited about Easter food because I love chocolate. Turkey, brussel sprouts and mince pies just don't do it for me. Soz.
Favourite Christmas gift?
When I was younger I used to get very excited about Christmas gifts but now that I am at an age where I tend to buy everything I want anyway Christmas gifts aren't as fun as they used to be. Having said that, this year I am getting an iPad for Christmas which I'm pretty happy about. 
Favourite Christmas scent?
Jo Malone Vanilla and Anise candle.
Do you have any Christmas eve traditions?
As I said earlier, I'm German so I open my presents on Christmas eve. #winning 
We also put up and decorate our tree on Christmas eve (it's another German thing), but I let my family deal with that so I can mope around the house spreading the Christmas cheer.
What tops your Christmas tree?
One of my selfies.
As a kid what was one crazy gift you asked for but never received?
Where do I start... I have expensive taste. What more can I say. The latest thing my materialistic heart desires is a Tag watch. Sadly I don't think anyone I know will buy me one so I may need to make use of the #PRrequest hashtag on Twitter once more.
What's the best part about Christmas for you?
My parents live abroad and they come to visit at Christmas. It's always nice to see them, but after 2 weeks of living with them it's also rather nice to say Auf Wiedersehen again. 
Well that's all for today folks! I hope you've enjoyed reading this post. How do you celebrate Christmas and are you as bah humbug about it as I am? Don't forget to let me know in the comments below!
Until next time,
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