My MAC Eyeshadow Palettes (Part 1 of 3)

 MAC 15 Pan Eyeshadow Palette
Hello Lovelies,
If you read my blog on a regular basis you will know that I'm a huge fan of MAC. It's probably the first high end make up brand I ever got into when I was around 20 years old. 15 years on I am still a massive fan of the brand, hence the frequent MAC posts on here haha! My favourite MAC products are their eyeshadows. I currently own 3x 15 pan MAC eyeshadow pallets, as well as a quite few individual ones. I've been meaning to do a post on my MAC eyeshadow pallets ever since I started this blog, but I somehow never got round to it until now. Rather than writing up one massive post featuring all 3 of my pallets, I have decided to break them up into 3 separate posts. I hope you will find these posts useful, whether you are thinking of adding some new MAC eyeshadows to your collection or if you are just starting out with MAC and wondering which eyeshadows to go for.
MAC 15 Pan Custom Eyeshadow Palette
I love MAC eyeshadows because they are super pigmented, come in 8 different finishes and blend like a dream. I think there's a MAC eyeshadow out there for just about everyone. MAC eyeshadows are also great because you can custom make your own pallet. With so many eyeshadows to chose from this can be quite addictive, which is how I ended up with 3 completed 15 pan pallets. I have build this collection up over quite a few years, and it is definitely the pride and joy of my make up collection.
The palette I'm talking about today features some of my most reached for shadows. Enjoy!
MAC 15 Pan Custom Eyeshadow Palette
Nylon frost finish
I've hit pan on this eyeshadow so I clearly love it a lot! I use Nylon as an inner corner highlight. It's a gorgeous shimmery pale gold colour and if you like quite an intense inner corner highlight, I would definitely recommend checking out Nylon.
Brule satin finish
I think Brule is probably a blogger favourite that many of you may already own or have at least heard of. I like this using this shade as a non-shimmery highlight. If I have a lot of sparkle going on on the eyes, I prefer to use a subtle brow and inner corner highlight. Brule is perfect for that!
Naked Lunch  frost finish
Another blogger favourite! Naked Lunch is a very versatile shade. I use it as a highlight colour as well as an all over lid colour depending what look I'm going for.
All That Glitters veluxe pearl finish
This eyeshadow was possibly made famous by a certain YouTuber who named her channel after this MAC eyeshadow because she loves it so much. All That Glitters is one of my favourite MAC eyeshadows too. I think that everybody needs in their collection! I would describe this eyeshadow as a champagne gold colour. It looks stunning worn just on its own but can also be used together with other eyeshadows to create anything from a subtle daytime look to a dramatic smokey eye.
Malt matte finish
Malt is not the most exciting looking shade but I still love it. It's a matte flesh toned kind of colour which I like to use to blend out my crease colour. Sometimes I also apply Malt as a base colour to my lid before applying other eyeshadows.
MAC 15 Pan Custom Eyeshadow Palette Swatches
Soba satin finish 
I love Soba! I have seriously hit pan on this shade and as soon as I am out of it I will definitely be purchasing a new one. I use Soba either as a lid colour or as a transition crease colour. I know my swatch of Soba doesn't look that exciting but trust me, it's a lovely eyeshadow that looks great on many different skin tones and eye colours. 
Satin Taupe frost finish
Everybody and their dog must know about Satin Taupe. As the name suggests, it's a taupe colour. Some people can rock Satin Taupe as an all over lid colour but I prefer blending it through the crease with something like Naked Lunch or All That Glitters on the lid. That's a classic MAC combo right there for you!
Tempting lustre finish
Tempting is one of the few lustre finish eyeshadows I own. It's a lovely colour if you are going for a brown smokey eye and prefect for the autumn and winter months. I use it a lot during this time of year and wouldn't be without it in my make up stash. 
Woodwinked veluxe pearl finish
Woodwinked is another one of my all time favourite MAC eyeshadows and I often get compliments on my eyes when I wear this shade. This eyeshadow is really easy to blend and is one of those colours that you can simply throw on and it will look like you've put a lot of work into your eyeshadow when all you are really wearing is a bit of Woodwinked. What I love most about this shade is how it blends. The more you blend, the more the colour changes. Woodwinked is a beauty and if you don't already own it, I highly recommend checking it out.
Amber Lights frost finish
Amber lights is a lovely warm gold shade. It almost has orange tones running through. I like wearing this on the lid and when I'm quite tanned, I sometimes also use it as an inner corner highlight. Out of all the colours in this palette, Amber Lights is probably the most intense.
Mulch velvet finish
I have repurchased Mulch plenty of times. It's my most used MAC eyeshadows. It's a rich brown colour with a hint of gold running through it. Being a veluxe pearl finish means that Mulch isn't too glittery and I think it looks really nice blended through the crease.
Swiss Chocolate matte finish
Who doesn't love a bit of Swiss chocolate! MAC's Swiss Chocolate is a reddish brown matte shade that looks amazing on brown eyes and really makes green and blue eyes pop. I love using Swiss Chocolate as a crease colour. It's not too dark and really warms up any eyeshadow look.
Espresso matte finish
MAC's website describes Espresso as a muted golden brown. I sometimes use this shade to fill in my eyebrows, other times I will use it to deepen a dark brown smokey eye.
Folie satin finish 
Folie is another reddish brown shade, however it is a bit darker than Swiss Chocolate. MAC describe it as a reddish plum-brown and it looks so pretty when it's blended through the crease. I am a sucker for warm toned eyeshadows and Folie fits the bill perfectly.
Beauty Marked velvet finish
Beauty Marked is quite an interesting shade and one of the latest additions to my MAC eyeshadow collection. Now in the pan Beauty Marked looks quite purple and glittery. However when I apply Beauty Marked to my eyes it's not purple or glittery at all. In fact, I've found it to be a lovely cool toned shade that I can use to smoke out a lot of different eye looks. I usually blend Beauty Marked through my outer corner.
MAC eyeshadows retail for £10 in the pan form and you can buy a palette for £10.00 as well as an insert for £2.50 which is what I did to build this palette. Now if you don't want to commit to 15 eyeshadows they also do eyeshadow quads and duos you that can customise too.
What's your favourite MAC eyeshadow? Let me know in the comments below! If you've enjoyed this post do pop back because I will be sharing 2 more MAC eyeshadow pallets on here of the next couple of weeks.
Thank you for reading and until next time,
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  1. Great palette! I have all but 4 of these and need to add Malt to my collection! Do you have Patina? I think you'd like it judging from the shadows you already own. Looking forward to seeing your other two palettes! xx


  2. You are such a MAC girl! I wish you lived closer so you could help me pick out my perfect palette. I think some of these shades look amazing xox

    Tartan Bones .com

  3. Wow you have so many colours! I definitely think I need to build up my own palette over the next few years!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x


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