Graze Best of USA Box

Graze Best of USA Box
Hey Lovelies,
Recently I was lucky enough to receive a very exciting parcel from Graze which included 4 limited edition Best of USA snacks. I don't know about you, but I love American food. It's so delicious, but sadly for my waistline some foods from across the pond can also be quite high in calories. So being sent a parcel from Graze which included 4 American snacks all under 150 calories was not only great news for my taste buds, but also for my figure haha!
Graze Best of USA Box
I didn't actually know that you could also order Graze boxes in the USA (for some reason I thought they were only available in England, silly me!). For a limited time only, UK customers are able to order some of the Graze snacks which are available in the USA. I think that this is a great idea from Graze because let's be honest, who doesn't love American food! Well without further ado, let's delve into the 4 punnets I was sent.
Graze Best of USA Box New York Everything Bagel
New York Everything Bagel*, 130 calories
New York is the one place in the world I want to visit more than anything so I obviously loved receiving a New York bagel inspired snack! A New York Everything bagel is basically an American bagel with all the seasonings. The Graze New York Everything bagel is probably a lot healthier than the real thing. It also contains a fraction of the calories haha! What you get in this punnet is a combination of poppy seeds and onion sesame sticks. This obviously isn't as filling as a proper American bagel, but it's still a very tasty snack nonetheless and you can really taste the poppy seeds in it.
Graze Best of USA Box Campfire Smores
Campfire Smores*, 133 calories
Smores is something I had heard of, probably from watching American TV shows or films but I wasn't quite sure exactly what they were. The leaflet which tells me more about the products I received in my Graze Best Of USA box tells me that they are a classic American snack inspired by melting chocolate and marshmallows over a campfire. How delicious does that sound!! Sadly Graze don't provide you with melted chocolate and marshmallows, however what you do get is a punnet  of salted almond milk chocolate buttons, sponge pieces and mini vanilla marshmallows. I can confirm that this snack tastes as delicious as it sounds and I would quite happily munch my way through boxes of this stuff if I could. This punnet reminded me a little of Lucky Charms cereal and hot chocolate which I used to have when I was a kid.
Graze Best of USA Box Creamy Ranch Kern Pops Creamy Ranch Kern Pops*, 138 calories
I didn't actually think I would enjoy this snack because it contains popcorn kernels which I am not the biggest fan of. I personally prefer popped popcorn. However I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Creamy Ranch Kern Pops. Maybe it's because the popcorn kernels are baked rather than fried and topped with a classic American creamy ranch dressing which makes them more tasty than I thought they would be.
Graze Best of USA Box Stars and Stripes
Stars and Stripes*, 130 calories 
Ok so no American themed box would be complete without a Stars and Stripes product. The Graze team in the USA created this product to celebrate their Independence Day on the 4th of July. It contains blueberry infused cranberries, raspberry stings and blackcurrant fruit stars. Being a bit of a dried food lover meant that I really enjoyed eating this snack. It reminded me a little bit of Fruit Stings which you often find in children's lunch boxes, except the Graze version is a lot tastier! The fact that you actually get stars and stripes shaped dried fruit in this punnet is a super cute and original touch from Graze!
Now I'm really sorry if this post has left you feeling incredibly hungry but fret not, you can order a Graze Best of USA Box from the Graze website for £4.99. Be quick, because I've been told that there is only a limited number of these boxes available. Click here if you'd like to get your hands on one!
What's your all time favourite American snack? Let me know in the comments below. I really hope you've enjoyed reading this post. I know it's something a bit different for my blog because I usually post about beauty products on here, but I really enjoyed receiving this box and eating all the snacks that I wanted to share them with you lovely lot. Thank you for reading and until next time,
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  1. I'm on Slimming World at the moment so I've had to cancel my Graze boxes and I really miss them!

    Victoria x

  2. I have never heard of this box! Thanks for sharing

  3. This looks amazing! I used to have a Graze box ages ago. I definitely might start again x

    Abi | abistreet


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