Another little MAC haul...

MAC Haul Soar Whirl Indianwood
Hey Lovelies,
You know you own too much make up when you buy products and they get buried underneath your make up stash. You completely forget about them until you are tidying your collection and find a bunch of stuff you haven't even opened yet! This is what happened to me this week anyway. I seem to forever be placing MAC orders (everybody loves a bit of MAC, right?!), and these are some products that I recently purchased and forgot about.
MAC Haul Soar Lipliner Whirl Lipliner Indianwood Paintpot
MAC's Indianwood Pro Longwear Paint Pot has been on my wish list for quite some time. I'm generally a big fan of the brand's paint pots anyway. They not only come in a variety of colours but you can also wear them on their own or as an eyeshadow base. My eye make up never creases or fades throughout the day when I use a MAC paint pot, and a few of my friends have actually commented saying they are amazed how well my eye make up stays on throughout the day. MAC Indianwood is very opaque. It's the most gorgeous bronze colour that's perfect for autumn. It actually reminds me a little bit of the blogger favourite MAC Woodwinked eyeshadow. I think MAC Indianwood would look amazing on all skintones and eye colours. It's a really warm shade and if you are lucky enough to have blue eyes, it would really make your eye colour pop! 
MAC Pro Longwear Indianwood Paint Pot
I seem to be jumping on the lip liner bandwagon quite late. I usually spend quite a long time doing my make up and perfecting my base, eyes, brows and winged liner as best as I can. By the time I get to my lips in my make up routine I am either running late or just fed up of painting my face that I throw on a nude lipstick and head out the door. Recently I decided it is time to change this and invested in 2 of MAC's most popular lip pencils that everyone and their dog either seem to own or have at least heard of: Soar and Whirl. According to the MAC website, Soar is a mid-tone pinkish brown and Whirl is a dirty rose colour. I decided to treat myself to both of these colours because I love a nude lip and it's what all the cool kids seem to be wearing at the moment haha!
Here are the swatches of the 3 items I picked up:
I hope you've enjoyed this little haul. Let me know what you think in the comments section below and don't forget to leave me your blog link so I can check out your blog too!
Thank you for reading and until next time,
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  1. I love the look of Soar - such a gorgeous pinky nude!

    Lucy |

  2. I have Soar & Whirl & love them both! I love the look of Indianwood! xx


  3. Is it bad that I have all of these things? I feel like it is haha! I think the product I personally enjoy the most is Soar lipliner. I use it on its own, on top of some lip balm, when I just want a quick but long lasting hint of colour - it's particularly beautiful with Mehr lipstick though ;)

    Sharon x | StargazyEyes

  4. I love Whirl but I already have the UD pencil in 'Liar' and they are so so similar, almost identical! :)

  5. Oh gosh! I'm fell in love with Indianwood, it's SO beautiful! I must try it! I love it :D

  6. Love the look of all three of these shades, especially Indian wood!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

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