St. Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion

St. Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion
Hey Lovelies,
I hope you are all doing great! Sorry I have been a bit absent on my blog over the last couple of weeks. Even though I have a DSLR camera (I take my pictures on here with the Canon 600D), I have been pretty unhappy with my picture quality lately and that's putting me of blogging somewhat. I am sure I will eventually work out how to get the best of my camera, but until I do I will not be happy with my picture quality on this blog.
Excuses aside I thought I'd share with you today my thoughts on the St. Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion. I picked this up at my local Boots store while it was on offer a few weeks ago. I am a massive fan of fake tan, and when I saw that St. Tropez have released an in shower tanning lotion I knew I had to try it!
I must admit I am thoroughly impressed with how easy it is to use the St. Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion. You simply apply it in the shower onto wet skin after washing, wait for 3 minutes and rinse it off. The tan will then develop and after several hours you can notice an even, natural looking hint of colour to your skin. I would say don't expect anything drastic or intense when you use this product. However if you are after a light and natural looking tan that's pretty foolproof to apply, this may well be the right product for you! Those of you who like me prefer a deeper tan will probably need to use the St. Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion over several days in order to build up your desired tan intensity.
Personally I am not the biggest fan of the scent of the St. Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion, but after you have applied it in the shower and rinsed it off you really can't smell anything, so the fact that I'm not keen on the citrus/fake tan scent of this product does not bother me too much.
Overall, I love the concept of the St. Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion but the colour is a bit too light for my liking, and I really hope they bring it out in different shades. I'd be all over a dark version of this product because of how easy it is to use so fingers crossed!
Currently the St. Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion retails for £14.50 and I bought mine from Boots.
Have you tried the St. Tropez In Shower Tanning Lotion? What do you think of it?
Let me know in the comments below and until next time,
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  1. I had the same issues with my photography :( Totally agree that it puts you off!

    I was planning on getting this, but not sure if it's for me! Great post lovely

    ❤ The Jewel Beauty Blog ❤ || Kerastase Giveaway

  2. I'm really in two minds about this! I love how easy it applies but I didn't see any difference! I think I need to use it more! xx
    Glossy Boutique

  3. I've been searching for reviews on this! So glad to have found yours. I am pretty pale, so just a hint of a tan is great for me. I definitely think I will give this a try!

  4. I really want to get my hands on this!! I think it will be perfect for topping up a tan. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


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