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 #MakeoverTheWorld RSPCA Campaign
Hey Lovelies,
Hope you're all well and that you've had a great week! I'm sorry it's been a bit quiet on my blog, but I have been pretty busy with work so I have not had time to post much lately. I am also working this weekend, but I have just found out about an amazing and fun campaign the RSPCA are running that I really want to share with you lovelies!
I know lots of beauty bloggers are also animal lovers like me. The 11th of March is the one year anniversary of the ban on sales of cosmetics newly tested on animals in the EU. The RSPCA are now pushing cosmetic companies to end the practise around the world with their 'Makeover the World' campaign.
Supporters (and beauty bloggers like you and me!) of this campaign are encouraged to give themselves a fun makeover and share it on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc) using the #makeovertheworld hashtag, This is to show cosmetic companies that we want the practise of testing beauty products on animals to end. You can also make your own sign to go with the campaign message 'Stop Animal Testing for Cosmetics Worldwide'. If you pictures include any cosmetic products, please make sure that the make up brand is hidden. Remember to use the #MakeoverTheWorld hashtag when posting your pictures so the RSPCA can find and share them as part of the campaign.
For more information on the campaign, please click here
The #MakeoverTheWorld campaign launches on the 11th of March, and I really hope as many of us as possible will join in with this campaign. Don't forget to leave me your link in the comments if you're taking part! Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing your #MakeoverTheWorld looks. Hopefully together we can make a difference and end animal testing for cosmetics products worldwide.

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  1. That is such a cute photo x

  2. This is such a great thing to do! Thank you for sharing it with us! :) xx

  3. This is a fantastic idea and well done you for promoting it!

  4. You cat is such a lovely colour and this is a really good idea.


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