An eye cream to combat dark underye circles?

Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Dark Circle Minimizer
Hey Lovelies,
Hope you're all well and having a good week! I'm really looking forward to  this weekend because it's not only my weekend off but my lovely friend Claire is visiting from Bristol. Other than the usual shopping and drinking I will be doing a wedding make up trial on her. So as you can probably imagine I'm very excited! I also finished work early today, so I done a bit of shopping (standard) and now I'm home I thought I'd write up a little blog post on an eye cream I've been using since December, and it's the amazing the Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Dark Circle Minimizer (a bit of a mouthful I know!)
This is a new eye cream which Origins have released and I was lucky enough to be sent for review. 
Let's start with the science behind the Origins Mega-Bright Dark Circle Minimizer. The product contains Molasses and Ume to help remove dark circles that are caused by sun damage, ageing and tiredness. It also has Centella Asiatica in it, which boots collagen and reduces the appearance of dark shadows, as well as Rosa Roxbutghii. I'll be honest I had no idea what Rosa Roxbutghii is, but I found out at my local Origins counter that it's a complex that's rich in Vitamin C and brightens the under eye area.
In a nutshell, this product promises to reduce dark under eye circles and protect your delicate under eye area.
Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Dark Circle Minimizer
I have been using the Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Dark Circle Minimizer twice a day for the past month, once in the morning and once in the evening. After cleansing I pat barely a pea sized amount under my eyes using my ring finger. The cream absorbs quickly into my skin, feels very lightweight and instantly hydrates my under eye area. The one thing that's impressed me the most about this cream is how well it works! I am happy to report that after using this product for about a month, the bags under my eyes are not as bad as they used to be! I wouldn't say that I no longer have dark under eye circles, and I still need to use concealer, but when I'm not wearing any make up the area under my eyes definitely looks a lot brighter than it used to. This is definitely a product you need to use daily over a period of time to see results, but the results are certainly worth it!
You can purchase the Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Dark Circle Minimizer online or at your nearest Origins counter and it retails for £32.00.
Do you use eye cream? Which one is your favourite?
Nuala xxx  
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  1. I was just read up about this yesterday actually! This sounds great and I'm glad it's working for you x
    Liza | Beauty & Fashion Blog Glambeautys | YouTube | Family & Lifestyle Blog Glambambini

  2. I'm an eye cream obsessive! This one sounds fab - I definitely think you get what you pay for with high end eye creams. xx

  3. I haven't found the right eye cream for me yet so I think this is well worth my trying. Thanks for the heads up


  4. Ooo I'd never heard of this before but really want it now! My dark circles are terrible x

  5. Once again, you've introduced another Origin product that I must add to my wish list. Ey yi yi, I will go broke because of them!

    I've never heard of molasses being in any sort of beauty item-very interesting!

    Shree PorcelainShree ✝ Beauty and Lifestyle Blog ✝


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