Affordable Skincare with Pond's

Hey Lovelies,
On the 8th of October I was lucky enough to get invited to an event hosted by the Pond's Institute at the V&A museum in South Kensington. I went along with my blogging buddy Seraphina from Little Miss Lifestyle. Upon arrival we were greeted with a champagne reception and had a chance to chat to other bloggers attending the event. We also had a private tour of the Pearls Exhibition at the museum, but not before we were treated to a talk by Caroline Neville (President of CEW UK) who was interviewed by the brand's new ambassador Laura Whitmore. During that interview the link between pearls and Pond's skincare became very apparent: Pearls are often passed down through generations, from grandmothers to mothers and daughters (sadly not in my case though haha), and Pond's skincare is a brand that most of our mothers are familiar with too. Many of our mums will have used Pond's products at some point and perhaps even introduced us their products. According to my mum, Pond's was THE skincare brand everyone was raving about in the 60s.
After the talk we were invited to a private tour of the Pearl's exhibition. My favourite part was definitely seeing the pearl's worn by Marylin Monroe. As you can imagine they are absolutely stunning! Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any pictures inside the exhibition. At the end of the evening will were also given a Pond's Insitute goodie bag. The products are all really affordable and I've been trying them out over the last couple of weeks, so read on to find out what my thoughts are on this very affordable skincare range.
Pond's Institute Cold Cream Cleanser
Pond's Institute Cold Cream Cleanser, RRP £4.07 
I always thought cold creams were just another type of moisturiser, but I am mistaken. Cold creams can not only be used to cleanse the skin, but they also can also act as a hydrating face mask. You could say that Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser came into my life at exactly the right time. For the past 2 years or so I have been using various hot cloth cleansers to cleanse my skin, and if I'm perfectly honest I am starting to get a little bored of them. I'm not saying hot cloth cleansers aren't amazing because they really are, I just fancied trying something new. Enter the Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser. The consistency of this product is very thick and it almost magically melts away make up off your face. You simply apply a quite a generous amount of the cleanser onto your face and wipe your face clean with a cotton pad or a damp washcloth.
This cleanser is really gentle and you can even use it on your eye area! It has a very soft rose scent and I love how it leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated, it's almost like having a face cream and cleanser in one! Pond's also advise that you can use their cold cream cleanser as a face mask by simply applying quite a thick layer of it onto your skin, leaving it on for about 1 minute and then rinsing the product off. I've tried this and I'm really impressed with the results, it did really leave my with baby soft skin!
Pond's  Institute Natural Beauty, RRP £4.07
This is the latest skincare offering from Pond's. The product contains green tea, glycerin and Vitamin B3. Green tea acts as an antioxidant and protects your skin against environmental damage, while the glycerin and Vitamin B3 really hydrate your skin and help fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This moisturiser feels really cooling and fresh on my skin when I first apply it. It does take a few minutes to absorb into my skin, but once it's fully absorbed, my skin feels soft and moisturised. These days, anti-ageing skincare is really expensive and with many brands, you are looking at spending at least £40 on a day creams that help fight the signs of ageing. I know not everyone wants to spend that much on their moisturiser, so if you are looking for a more affordable option that isn't going to break the bank, the Pond's Natural Beauty cream is one I'd really recommend!
Pond's Institute Eye Controur Cream
Pond's Institute Eye Contour Cream, RRP £7.99
I love the packaging of this product! Most other eye creams I have tried come in a little pot you dip your finger in. The Pond's Eye Contour Cream however comes in a little squeezy tube, which is a lot more hygenic because you don't end up transferring germs from your fingers back into the product. The product itself contains Vitamins A, E and B5, as well as avocado and jojoba oil. This formula is designed to reduce puffiness and smooth the delicate eye area. The first thing I noticed when I applied this cream is how cooling it feels on your eye area. It almost feels like you've popped a chilled cucumber slice on your eyes! Another thing I've found is that this eye cream is really hydrating. When you apply it, it really leaves your delicate eye are feeling soft and moisturised. Most importantly perhaps, the Pond's Eye Contour Cream is unperfumed so it's suitable for sensitive skin and won't irritate your eyes. I know I've said this before and I'll say it again, the skin around our eyes is 30% thinner than the rest of our skin and as such, it needs special care. If you can't afford to fork out a fortune on high end eye creams and looking for a good drugstore alternative, give the Pond's Eye Contour Cream a go!
Overall I am very impressed with the Pond's products I received. My favourite product is definitely the Cold Cream Cleanser, which I can easily see becoming part of my skin cleansing routine!
Pond's Institute products are available from Boots, Tesco, Asda, Superdrug and online at
Which Pond's products have you tried?
Nuala xxx

The Skincare Tag

Skincare products for the skincare tag
Hey Lovelies,
Recently I was tagged by Laura from Tease Flutter Pout and Beck from Life Looks Perfect to do the Skincare Tag. As I love skincare as well as tags, I thought this is perfect post for me. The tag consists of 10 questions all about skincare so lets get started!
1. Describe your routine in five words
Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse, Moisturise
(Let me explain: I wear a ton of make up pretty much every day and my skincare routine mainly consists of removing the layers upon layers of slap I cake on my poor old face)
2. What's your skin type?
My skin type is combination. I have an oily t zone but the rest of my skin can feel pretty dry.
 3. What's your favourite skincare product?
Oooohhh that's an easy one for me to answer, it has to be the Clarins Multi Active Day and Night Cream. They are by far the best moisturisers I have ever used and ones I will always repurchase. You can get the Clarins Multi Active creams for different skin types and they do an amazing job at moisturising your skin and fighting the signs of aging.
4. Top Blemish Zapper? 
That's another easy one for me to answer! It's got to be the Clinique Clear Blemish Gel. I've been using this for years and even though it does tingle slightly when you apply it, it does a great job at drying out spots!
5. Face Wipes - Yay or Nay?
Definitely Nay! I only use face wipes to wipe my hands or clean the handles of my make up brushes.
6. Toner -  Yay or Nay?
That's an interesting one. I used to cleanse, tone and moisturiser religiously but over the years I have got a little lazy so that's a step I often skip in my skincare routine now. Naughty I know! I sometimes use my Melvita Witch Hazel Virginiana Water but I have to admit I am not very consistent with it.
7. High End Skincare or High End Make Up?
Can I say both? I don't mean this in a braggy way but most of my make up and skincare is high end. However there certainly are some gems on the high street, such as the Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleansers. I think the most important thing is to use what works for you and what you can afford. High end doesn't always mean better, neither does drugstore. Finding products you can afford and that work for you is the most important thing.
8. What's the most universal skincare product you've tried?
That's got to be the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. It's suitable for all skin types and I'm in love! I bought it not so long ago and started seeing improvements to my skin pretty much as soon as I started using it!
9. You're in a pharmacy and can only pick up one item - what is it?
For this question can we please pretend that I am in a pharmacy in France? The first thing that would be going in my basket is a bottle of Bioderma, I really wish it was sold in Boots or Superdrug over here!
10. Top Skincare Tips
My number one skincare tip would have to be don't use sunbeds. I have ruined my skin by going on sunbeds when I was young, dumb and didn't know any better. Now my skin is covered in age spots and dark marks which I hate and only full coverage concealer can really cover them up. 
Other that that my skincare tips are the obvious ones: Drink lots of water, don't sleep with your make up on no matter how tired or drunk you are and make sure you moisturise daily. Simples.
I hope you've enjoyed reading this post, thanks again to Becky and Laura for tagging me. If you've enjoyed reading this and decide to do the tag too, please let me know as I'd love to read your answers!
Nuala xxx

How I bankrupted myself in October...

Hey Lovelies,
Some of you may have noticed that I haven't posted a haul on here in ages. That's because I have been trying to be good by saving money and trying to downsize my make up collection. However we did recently have a couple of double discount days at work, so I decided to take full advantage and stock up on a few old favourites. I also bought a few things I've been eyeing up for ages, so let me give you the low down on how I bankrupted myself, sorry I mean on what I bought!
Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair
 Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair, 50ml, RRP £65.00
Recently I got a sample of the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum which I fell in love with as soon as I tried it, so I decided to invest in a full size bottle. I am so excited to start using this serum and I will definitely do a review of it in a months time to let you know how I am getting on with it, but so far I can confirm that this stuff is amazing and I have already seen improvements to my skin in the short time I've been using it.
Clarins Multi Active Night Cream
Clarins Multi Active Night Cream, 50ml, RRP £43.00
Clarins is by far my favourite skincare brand, and I am so happy to have their Multi Active Night Cream back in my life. This, together with the Clarins Multi Active Day Cream are by far the best moisturisers I have ever used. The Clarins Multi Active Night Cream is designed for those of us in our late 20s-30s. The formula was developed with the aim to encourage skin renewal and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and early wrinkles. I've been using this night cream for a few years now, and judging by the condition of my skin, it really works wonders! 
Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
Smashbox Photofinish Oil Free Foundation Primer, 30ml, RRP £25.00
I recently ran out of my MAC Prep and Prime Skin Base that I was using. I never bothered to repurchase it and the only other make up primer I had was the Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer which does not work for me. Usually I love Laura Mercier products but their oil free primer does not seem to keep my make up on for any longer or minimise the appearance of fine lines and pores. That's why I decided to get the Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer. I've used this primer before and loved it, and when I saw that Smashbox are donating £5 of every Photofinish Primer sold to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation I knew it was the right time to repurchase it.
Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch
Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, 15ml, RRP £26.00
Another primer I bought was the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch. I only apply this product on the areas of my face where I have fine lines and pores rather than all over, and it does a great job at filling them in and making my skin appear smoother.
Lancôme DreamTouch Dark Spot Corrector
Lancôme DreamTone Dark Spot Corrector, 40ml, RRP £69.00
The final item in my haul is the Lancôme DreamTone Dark Spot Corrector. My skin is pretty battered after years of sunbed use. I have quite a few dark spots on my face and I truly hate them. This is the first time I've ever tried a product that is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of dark spots, and I really hope this works because it would mean me becoming a little more skin confident. I am going to do a full review on this product once I've been using it for a while and let you know how I am getting on with it, so keep a lookout for that.
Well that's it for all the skincare I bought. I know I got a lot but all these products are either holy grail products for me, or I have been eyeing them up for a while now. Plus I haven't done a proper shop in ages so I thought it was finally time to treat myself again.
What have you bought recently?
Nuala xxx

Yon-Ka Paris Masque No.1 Review

Yon-Ka Paris Masque No.1
Hey Lovelies,
I'm always on the lookout for products which  help fight the first signs of aging, so when I was contacted by the luxury skincare company Yon-Ka Paris and asked if I'd like to review their Masque No. 1, I jumped at the chance!
The Yon-Ka Masque No.1 is paraben free and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The gel-cream formula contains 88% natural ingredients which include aloe vera and jojoba. The high silicone and Vitamin B5, A, E and C content of the product help the Masque No.1 act as an anti-oxidant for your skin. If you keep this product on for 1 hour, it promises to deliver 54% hydration. The level of hydration increases to 96% after 8 hours. Hydrated skin is able to retain water, stay looking supple and smooth and most importantly fight the signs of aging, so no matter what your skin type is, it is always important to keep your skin hydrated!
Yon-Ka products have a high end price tag. This does not surprise me however because it is a brand which is favoured by A list celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and Beyonce. The Masque No.1 is priced at £42 for 50ml. You can use this face mask between 1 to 3 times a week, but because of the price I am only using it once a week as an extra special treat for my skin. You need about a hazlenut sized amount for each application. Yon-Ka suggest leaving this mask on for either 15 minutes, or overnight if your skin is very damaged or dehydrated. The air conditioning at work really dries out my skin, so when I use the Masque No. 1, I do keep it on over night. Also, because it is such an expensive product I'd rather keep it on for longer to get the full benefit! 
When I first apply this mask, it feels slightly sticky on my skin but it does soak in quite quickly and isn't greasy at all. It also feels very light on my skin and has a soft rose and jasmine scent. Now I'm not really a big fan of floral scents in skincare products, but the smell of this product is really gentle and does not linger, so that does not bother me at all. What I love most about the Masque No. 1 is how soft and supple my skin feels the morning after I have applied it! Not only does this product really hydrate my skin, but it makes it look a lot plumper as well and offers pretty much instant results. I am lucky because I don't have many wrinkles or fine lines yet, but this product does also claim to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles should you have them.
All in all, this product is working great for my combination skin because it gives me the moisture and hydration I need without making my t-zone oily. The only thing I am not that keen on is the price tag, but if you work out how much a getting facial in a spa costs, investing in something like the Masque No.1 still works out cheaper, especially as you are getting more uses out of it for your money. I also think the Masque No.1 would make an amazing present for mums or grandmothers, and it is available from the Yon-Ka Paris website which you can find by clicking here.
Have you tried any products of the Yon-Ka range?
Nuala xxx

Benefit It's A Love Fest

Benefit Cosmetics It's A Love FestHey Lovelies,
Last year I was incredibly disorganised and bought all my Christmas presents in December, which left me completely skint and not really able to go out and enjoy the festive season. So this year, I've decided to space my Christmas present buying out over a few months in a bid to have some spare cash to spend on myself in December. One of the first Christmas presents I bought was for my mum. As I work for Benefit, I decided to treat her to our 2 most iconic and best selling products: Porefessional and They're Real. Rather than buy her the 2 products seperatly though, I got her the It's A Love Fest gift set. This set not only works out better value for money but it's also so cute! Don't you just love the tin the products come in? Like most mothers, my mum does have a weird obsession with collecting tins to put random things in, so I thought this one would make a nice addition to her collection.
Well, enough rambling, now onto It's a Love Fest. This retails for £39.50, but the actual value of it is £56.00. This works out at a 25% saving which really is a great deal! As I'm giving this to my mum for Christmas, I'm afraid I can't swatch any of the products for you, but working  on a Benefit counter means I have tried them all so I can tell you a little bit more about them.
Benefit Cosmetics It's A Love Fest
Benefit They're Real Mascara (Full Size)
This is the UK's best selling mascara which already speaks for itself. It comes in the colour black and adds amazing length and volume to your lashes. As the formula is oil free and has no fibres in it, They're Real will stay on throughout the day and not flake off or clump the way some mascaras can. It's water resistant (but not waterproof) and has a plastic wand with different length bristles that helps you get your long and short lashes. The end of the mascara wand has a little ball on it, so you can also use it vertically to seperate, lift and curl your lashes. The little ball is also perfect for doing your bottom lashes! 
Benefit Porefessional (Full size 22ml)
This is the number one selling primer in the UK and I can easily see why. Not only does is minimise the appearance of fine lines and pores, but it also contains Vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant and protects the skin against environmental damage. I use this on our customers at the Benefit counter and it really does help the rest of the make up go on a lot smoother. Benefit Porefessional is oil free and has a mattifying effect on the skin. It contains silicone which absorbs excess oils and makes your skin feel incredibly silky and smooth. You can either wear it underneath your make up to make it last longer and look more flawless, or you can wear it on its own for a more natural yet polished look.
Benefit Coralista Lip Gloss (Sample Size 6.5ml)
Before I worked at Benefit is never tried their lipglosses, but as soon as I did I instantly fell in love with them! All of Benefits lip glosses are non drying and non sticky. They are lychee fragranced and leave your lips feeling incredibly soft! Benefit lipglosses come in 12 different shades, so you are bound to find one that you like. The Coralista lip gloss is a warm coral pink colour that's perfect for summer but I am sure you can wear it in winter and still look fabulous!
Benefit Sun Beam (Sample Size 4ml)
This is a golden bronze liquid highlighter which you can wear on your browbone and cheekbone. You could also mix this in with your favourite foundation to make it more dewy and bronze, and who doesn't love a multipurpose product!
So those are all the goodies in Benefit's It's A Love Fest gift set. I hope my mum will like it, and if not I will be more than happy to take any of the products off her haha! 
Have you had a look at Benefits Christmas gift sets yet? Which one is your favourite? 
Nuala xxx

Autum Favourites Guest Post


Hello beauties,
My name is Shaz from A Pinch of Shaz and I've been lucky enough to do a guest post on Nuala's lovely blog. I'm fairly new to the blogging world, I've only been blogging for around 2 months and this is my first guest post I've ever done! I was very excited to do this  sooo I started brain storming on what to do and thought I would share with you my favourite makeup products for Autumn. I love reading these kind of posts as I'm forever looking for new products to try and they give me so much inspiration for the new season (which is long enough).  
MAC prep & prime 'light boost' 
I have a big obsession with highlighting and contouring this season and this product is a little gem of mine! It's a pen style highlighter and really easy to use, literally just swipe it over the place you want to highlight and then blend. It gives more of a natural radiant look to highlighting as its not shimmery like others and its long lasting. 
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette 
Recently I was given this a birthday present and was so excited as it was out of stock when I wanted to buy this. You get a mixture of matte and shimmer eyeshadows that are all highly pigmented and the shimmer is very long lasting. The first four shades of this palette are warm, the next are neutral and the last are cooler shades - which are all fab colours for Autumn. Smokey eyes are on trend this season and there so many gorgeous looks that can be created using this palette so I highly recommend buying this - I'm in love!
MAC Rebel lipstick 
MAC Rebel lipstick
Now for those of you who don't know my biggest weakness are lipsticks! Bright, bold statement lipsticks are my favourite so you can imagine my excitement for Autumn to arrive as deep berry lips are a big thing. I purchased MAC Rebel a while back using the 'back to MAC' scheme; this is where you return 6 MAC empties in return for a free lipstick of your choice - how great is that?! MAC Rebel is by far my favourite lipstick this season, its a gorgeous deep berry shade with a satin finish. Its durability is like a matte finish - can last me most of the day (trust me I eat and drink a lot) and it barely shifts and it doesn't dry my lips out.
Maybelline Gel Pot EyelinerMaybelline Gel Pot Eyeliner 
Another eye look that is big this season is the cat eye look. In the past I have used MAC gel eyeliner pot however one day I purchased Maybelline gel pot eyeliner and never went back to MAC. This product is a cheaper alternative costing only £7.99 and is so easy to use. It gives you a bold defined flick that doesn't fade in colour - there is nothing more I can't stand than a faded black when I'm creating this look. I use this in my waterline it's very long lasting on that as well. I highly recommend using this gel pot eyeliner over pencil/liquid eyeliners, especially if you want to have a defined cat look.
  Soo there are my favourite makeup products for Autumn! I've done full reviews of some of these products (and will be with the ones I haven't) so you can take a look at them over here and follow me on GFC / Bloglovin so you don't miss out on future reviews. I'm a twitter addict so you can follow me over here @apinchofshaz - I LOVE a good old chat! 
 What do you think of these products? What are your top makeup products this season? Comment below I would love to know! 


Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Wheat

Laura Mercier Eye Basics Wheat
Hey Lovelies,
Eye primers are great for making your eyeshadow colour more vibrant. They also help to keep your eyeshadow on all day and prevent it from creasing. Laura Mercier's Eye Basics primers are no exception.
I got this in the shade Wheat for my mum last Christmas, but she told me to keep it because she prefers her MAC Painterly Paint pot. As I love Laura Mecier products, I was more than happy with this! 
Laura Mercier Eye Basics Wheat
Laura Mercier Eye Basics are available in 8 different shades, so you can easily find a colour that suits your skin tone. As with all Laura Mercier products, the packaging is very simple and elegant. All you need to do is dab a tiny bit of product using the doe tip applicator onto your lids and blend it out using your fingers or a brush. This eye primer covers any discolouration, redness, veins and even stray eyebrow hairs on your lids. It's like a concealer and colour corrector for your eyelids! I've been using this for quite a while now and I love how it stops my eyeshadow from creasing throughout the day. If you have veiny eyelids or a lot of discolouration, you could even use the Laura Mercier Eye Basics in place of your eyeshadow for a natural and flawless make up free look. 
The consistency of the Laura Mercier Eye Basics eye primer in Wheat is very thick and creamy. It's not a greasy or watery product, making it perfect the perfect consistency for an eye primer, especially if you have oily eyelids. The formula is also waterproof which means it does really stay put all day!
I've had this product since last Christmas and it has not dried out on me.
Here's a swatch for you all on my very fake tanned arm. As you can see, the product covers and blends out really well!
Laura Mercier Eye Basics Wheat
So, if you're a little bored of your MAC Paint Pots or the Urban Decay Primer Potion and fancy trying something a little different, do check out the Laura Mercier Eye Basics. You can purchase this product at your nearest Laura Mercier counter for £20.50.
Which eyeshadow primer do you use?
Nuala xxx

September Birchbox Review

September 2013 UK Birchbox
Hey Lovelies,
Hope you're all well! First of all let me apologise for my lack of posts over the past week, I've been really busy with work and didn't have any time for blogging. Sometimes juggling a full time job as well as blogging can be a bit of a struggle, and as I did not have any guest posters lined up, it's been a bit quiet on here. I do have 2 weeks off work now though, and as I'm not going away or anything I'm going to use my time wisely and prepare lots of blog posts for you all! Also, if you are a regular reader of my blog and interested in guest posting on Dolled Up London, do drop me an email!
Anyway, now onto today's review! Recently I was contacted by Birchbox UK and asked if I wanted to do a review of their September box. I had been subscribed to Birchbox in the past, but I cancelled my subscription in a bid to save money and also because I was not really using the samples I was being sent. However being the nosey parker that I am means beauty box reviews are some of my favourite posts to read, so I thought I'd do a little post for you all revealing what I got in my September Birchbox.
Overall I was really impressed with this box. The theme for this box was London Fashion Week, and here's the lowdown on everything I got.
September 2013 UK Birchbox
Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Gel (40ml)
This is a brand I had never heard off before. The Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Gel contains  grapefruit, rosemary and juniper extracts. It feels very cooling when you apply it to your skin and the smell of it reminds me of aromatherapy oils. It's a pretty decent sample size but I would not purchase the full size as it's quite expensive for a body product. Personally I prefer spending more on my skincare, but for body care I do tend to stick with drugstore products.
Bioderma Sensibo H2O (20ml)
OMG this is the best sample I have ever received in a beauty box! Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, I am sure you will have heard of Bioderma. I've done a full review on it which you can read by clicking here. I was so excited to receive this product! I have recently run out of Bioderma and replaced it with the L'Oreal 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution. I'm really missing my Bioderma though, so I've popped another bottle of it on my Christmas list. The little sample I received in my Birchbox is so cute and perfect for travel! If you've not tried Bioderma yet, you really should. This product is 100% worth the hype!
Model Co. Party Proof Lipstick in Kitty
Yay I have finally received a product in a beauty box that's in a colour I would actually wear! This lipstick smells of cherry and it's a really wearable nude pink colour. I don't know why they've call it matte lipstick though because this lipstick is certainly not matte. It's very sheer and moisturising, and I could see me getting quite a lot of use out of this if I didn't already own a gazillion other nude MAC lipsticks. Still, another nude is better than some out there colour that I'd never wear. Here you can see how pretty it looks on the lips!
Molton Brown Ylang-Ylang Nourishing Body Lotion (12ml) 
Molton Brown is a brand I know, and I always like receiving products in beauty boxed from brands I am familiar with. This little sample is perfect for travelling. It smells amazing as well, and next time I'm going away for a few days I will be taking this with me, rather than lugging around a full size moisturiser. 
Green & Black's White Chocolate
I don't really know what to say about this other than I love chocolate. I ate it and it was delicious. Thank you Birchbox! 
Reverence de Bastien Nail Polish
Apparently this nail polish retails for £16. I've never heard of the brand before, but when I saw the colour I was very happy because it's a lovely purple shade that's perfect for autumn. However I was quite disappointed with the consistency of this nail polish. Even though I applied 2 coats of it, the colour was still too sheer for my liking and it chipped after 2 days, even with a top coat. I'll definitely be sticking with my Essie nail polishes. For that price, I would have expected this polish to be a bit better and last on my nails a lot longer than it did.
Well, that's it for all the products in my September Birchbox. As with all Birchboxes, this box also came with the usual Birchbox magazine that's packed with beauty tips and a little card that gives you more information about all the products you were sent. 
Overall I am very impressed with this box, and the stand out product for me by far was the Bioderma sample which I am still excited about! 
You can subscribe to Birchbox for £12.95 per month by clicking here.
Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes?
Nuala xxx   
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