What Kind of Spender Are You?

Hey Everyone,
Ah, the life of a beauty product junkie. It's almost like an addiction that requires rehab. You hear that Boots are running a 3 for 2 promotion and get down there faster than Usain Bolt can run 100 metres. Once there, you fill your basket with all sorts of products you don't need and will probably never use. As you're in town anyway, you then head to Space NK to pick up some luxury skin care items your favourite beauty guru has been raving about. It's doesn't matter that you own enough skincare to last you till you're at least 90 years old. I mean, it's always good to have back ups of products, right? You never know when the entire cosmetics industry might go under, so it's better to be prepared.
Then there are just those days when you're feeling a little bit down. It could be anything. Work, that time of the month or the fact that your cat's been ignoring you lately and you just don't know what you did wrong. What's a beauty product junkie to do? Well, head down to MAC of course. Because MAC is like therapy in a way, only slightly more expensive. It doesn't matter if you already own 20 MAC eyeshadows, all in slightly different shades of brown. There are at least 5 other browns you don't have in your collection, and as your feeling a bit sad, it's best you treat yourself to all of them. As well as a new pallet to put them in and perhaps 1 or 2 new lipsticks too, just for good measure.
Sound familiar? I'm definitely a beauty products junkie. I could probably go on a 1 year spending ban and still not run out of any products. 
Now this got me thinking, how much make up do normal people own? You know, those of us who couldn't run a cosmetics counter out of their own bedroom. So I decided to do some investigating and asked on Facebook if any of my friends would be kind enough to donate their make up collection for a blog post. My friend Cat kindly agreed to help me out. She doesn't wear make up on a daily basis, and she doesn't need to either because she has great skin. Cat however does wear make up for special occasions and nights out. Her entire make up collection fits in this small bag.
And these are all the make up products that Cat owns:
Max Factor Foundation x1
Concealer x1
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder x1
L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara x2
Eyeshadows x 3
Bourjois Eyeshadow Pallet x1
Lipgloss x3
Eyeliners x6
Benefit Eye Gel x1 
YSL Touch Eclat x1
Now that's a pretty reasonable amount of make up. The 2 stand out products for me in Cat's collection are the iconic YSL Touch Eclat highlighter and the Rimmel Stay Matt Pressed Powder. YSL Touch Eclat is on my YSL shopping list and I'm desperate to buy the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder because I feel everyone in the world plus their mother owns one except for me. The only essentials that I feel are really missing from Cat's collection are a blush and a bronzer. Looking at Cat's make up stash has made me realise that yes, maybe I do own too much make up. Perhaps there is no need for one person to have enough make up that would enable them transform the whole nation into drag queens.
Having said that, will I change my ways? Will I try to use up the products I have before I buy any more new ones? The honest answer is, no I wont. Though I realise it is very possible to lead a happy and fulfilled life without owning ridiculous amounts of make up, I think I'm going to carry on feeding my addiction. Why, I hear you ask? Because the UK is in the midst of a deep recession and someone has gotta spend big and get us out of this mess, right? Dave and George, you can thank me later.
What about you, how much make up do you own? Are you more of a Cat, or more of a Nuala?
Many thanks for reading!
Nuala xxx
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  1. Love this post! I am definitely team Nuala! You could not have described me more to a T!! I actually had to laugh because what you say is SO true! The boys in my office get worried if I don't have at least one parcel delivered to the office per day!

    And the bit about the Mac brown eyeshadows....spot on!

    I actually gasped with shock (or horror not sure which) when you said Cat's make up fits in that teeny tiny bag!


    Stacey xxxxxxx

  2. Hahahah 'your cat has been ignoring you' !!!


  3. Hahaha, love #teamnuala! I'm the same girls, Cat's makeup is what I take to uni with me, my collection is ridiculous..We gotta treat ourselves every now and then though hehe xxx

  4. Love your post and I'm most definitely Team Nuala!! My mother-in-law is Team Cat and I made the mistake of taking her on one of my MAC hauls and she was freaked out that I bought 13 eye shadows at once. She commented "how many shades of brown do you really need?" lol!

  5. Great post! I think I'm in the middle of these two, though I think my best friend would definitely be Team Cat xx

  6. I'm definitely team Nuala! Although if you would have asked me a few months ago I would be Team Cat... spending adds up quickly!

    megabeauty.blogspot.co.uk xx

  7. Great post! I'm defiantly a cat! I own far too much, I could open up a shop if I wanted too I think! Xx


  8. So interesting to see the difference between the makeup of the beauty obsessed and others! I know that when friends look through my makeup collection they can't believe how much I own, but to me I have a fairly small collection in comparison to most!

    - Rhi

  9. I used to be a Cat and now I am much more of a Nuala. I do use up lots of my makeup though, I rarely end up throwing stuff out and don't have many things that I don't ever use. But these are excuses, I just love buying makeup :( Sigh.

    This post is a GREAT idea though.


  10. I'd say I'm somewhere in the middle!! Although I'm gathering more and more products by the day!! I'm a woman obsessed!!


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  12. Really enoyied reading this post! im so guilty of speding way to much money on beauty products!! haha xx


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