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Hey Lovelies,
Quite often when someone experiences bad customer service, it's not long before the whole world knows about it. Cue rant tweets and perhaps even a blog post telling anyone who will listen about your terrible experience. Yes, I myself am guilty of this too. Sadly quite often when we experience excellent customer service though it goes unmentioned, so I thought I'd make a change to that.
Let me tell you what happened that's made me so happy. Last year, like most other beauty bloggers, I invested in the Real Techniques Core Collection and I was extremely impressed! I don't really tend to use my Real Techniques brushes to apply powder products (for that purpose I definitely still prefer my MAC brushes), but when it comes to liquid or cream products such as foundation or concealer, I only use my Real Techniques brushes now.
I looked after my Real Techniques brushes the exact same way I do my MAC brushes. That means washing them on a weekly basis and drying them on a flat surface to make sure no water goes down the funnel of the brush. My favourite and most used brush out of the Core Collection was the Buffing Brush. It's a a dense brush with soft bristles that allows you to blend your foundation like a pro. But after I had the brush for about a year, something very sad happened. My beloved Buffing Brush died on me. Not only was it shedding like mad so that I could no longer use it to apply foundation, but I could actually remove the entire brush head from the handle.
Needless to say I began moaning about this on Twitter. Nothing like that had ever happened to me with any of my MAC brushes which I've owned for years and I was very disappointed. Nicole from The Life Of A Beauty Addict replied to my tweets and told me to contact the Real Techniques customer service team. Well, I had nothing to lose so I went on their website and sent them a quick email explaining what happened. I received a very prompt reply and was advised to email them pictures of my damaged brush. After sending them a few pictures I took of my  buffing brush they asked me to provide them with my postal address so they could be send me a replacement brush. That very same week, I received an entire new Core Collection brush set from Real Techniques. Needless to say, I really wasn't expecting this and was completely over the moon!
The Real Techniques Core Collection consists of 4 synthetic make up brushes.
I use the contour brush to apply cream bronzers and cream blushes. I've never used to foundation brush to apply foundation because I find it's far too small and too thin for that purpose, but I do like using it to contour my face with the MAC Pro Sculpting Creams. The Core Collection also has a small Detailer Brush. That's the brush I use the very least from this set but I think it works well for applying lipstick or concealer. My absolute favourite brush from this set is the Buffing Brush. I know I had problems with my previous Buffing Brush, but I am hoping that was just a manufacturing fault and that my new Buffing Brush will last me for many years. I use this brush to apply foundation and to blend my bronzer and blush.
Please don't let my negative experience with my first Buffing Brush put you off Real Techniques brushes. I can only assume it was a manufacturing fault with my brush. I own various other Real Techniques brushes, including their Expert Face Brush and Blush brush, but it was only with the Buffing Brush that I had a problem. Real Techniques managed to put things right very quickly so I'd like to say a massive thank you to them for their excellent customer service.
If you are in the UK can buy the Core Collection from Boots or from Superdrug.
Have you ever received excellent customer service?
Thanks for reading!
Nuala xxx
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  1. I had a really good experience with RT customer service too. They're so speedy! My post on it is here- x

  2. Told you it was a good idea to email them! :) They are so helpful and I'm glad to see you received a whole new set, thats what you call excellent customer service :)

    Nicole xx

  3. I've had a fab experience with RT as well! A brush from the starter set starting shedding like mad so they sent me a whole new set! xx

  4. Fantastic that they've done that for you, it should be this way for all companies! I'll keep this in mind if anything happens to mine, I don't know what I'd do without them :( xx

  5. Such amazing customer services! So lovely they sent you the whole Core Collection...will deffinitely keep it in mide if anything was to happen to my beloved RT brushes :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  6. They are so good with their customers its like they actually care its so nice!!

  7. Yay! Great customer service is such a good thing to find :) I'm glad you had a good experience

  8. Got to love great costumer service! So kind of them to send a whole new set of brushes. I've experienced lovely customer service with MUA when I ordered a lipstick and they sent the wrong shade, I got to keep that one and they quickly sent a new one. Bad customer service makes me think twice if I ever want to buy from that brand again! xxx

  9. Great post. It's so nice to see when brands are doing it right, rather than hearing only negative things. I love real techniques brushes too, definitely my favourite!

  10. Ah that is amazing, not only replying back to you so quickly but to send you a brand new set of brushes as well. Well done Real Techniques. :D

    Hopefully this new brush will last a lot longer for you :)

    Juyey xx

  11. This makes me like my Real Techniques stuff more!

  12. That's so good! Most companies just ignore any unhappy customers but I love hearing about the ones who genuinely try and keep their customers happy xox

  13. That was very nice of them! I haven't experienced any problems with my brushes but now I know they'd be willing to help xx

  14. Amazing! This actually really makes me happy, I love good customer service. Dior replaced a product for me once when I had a faulty product :) xx


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