Blog Update and May Favourites!

Hey Lovelies,
Hope you're all well and having a good week! I thought I'd start this post with a small blog update for you all. Some of you may have noticed my new URL and are wondering what's going on. Well, I have changed my blog name. MakeUp, Beauty Shopping! is no more. My blog is now officially called Dolled Up London. What do you think? I really hope you like the new name!
When I first started my blog, I didn't really give my blog name much thought. I sort of went my blog's about make up, beauty and shopping, so that's what I'll call it.Original, eh? Well as I got more into blogging I realised my blog name was quite long and a bit boring as well. I've been wanting to change it for ages, but I never knew what to call it. So I asked my friend, she asked her fiance, and he suggested 'All Made Up', which I thought was brilliant, but sadly that name was already taken. So I tried 'All Dolled Up'. Also unavailable. Then last night I had an epiphany (ok, not quite, but that's almost what it felt like), and Dolled Up London was born. So far the feedback I've had on Twitter has been really positive which  I'm so relieved about, and I really hope everyone likes the change!
I know at the moment my blog still looks exactly the same and the only thing that's changed is the URL and header, but I am in the process of getting my blog redesigned. Once that's done all will be revealed. When the design is complete and installed on my blog, I'm also finally going to launch my 500 follower giveaway. So keep your eyes peeled, cos there's lots of exciting stuff  coming up on Dolled Up London!
Well that's my little blog update for you. Please let me know what you think of my new name as I'd love your feedback!
Now I've got the update out of the way, let's get on with my May Favourites!
May was a funny old month for me. I got a spot. Well, it wasn't really a spot. It was more like a mountain. On the middle of my forehead. Being the simple and shallow girl that I am, that spot caused me no end of trauma and heartache. I felt that every time I had a conversation with anyone, all they could see was the massive monster on my face. And I tried everything to get rid of it. I slathered on the Sudocreme and Tea Tree products by the bucket load. Nothing worked. I knew I had to pull out the big guns. So I dug out my Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clear Blemish Gel. This gel was truly my saviour. After using it for just 2 days, the spot which had been on my face for over 10 days began to disappear, and after about 4 days it was finally gone. This gel stings slightly when you apply and works by drying out the spot and reducing redness and irritation. This product gets a massive thumbs up from me, and if you have a bothersome spot you are trying to get rid of, I cannot recommend the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clear Blemish Gel highly enough!
Right, enough talk about horrid spots, let move onto something a lot nicer, and what's nicer than a MAC lipstick? They are creamy, highly pigmented, long wearing and smell amazing. Best of all, MAC lipsticks are completely free if you take 6 MAC empties back to the MAC counter! I've been loving pink lipstick throughout the month of May, and MAC Hot Gossip has been my go-to shade.
MAC Hot Gossip is a gorgeous pink colour with a slight plum undertone to it. It's a fab every day colour that's bright and wearable at the same time. Some pink lipsticks can be too bright for work, college or school. This colour however is so pretty and very easy to wear. Being a cremesheen finish, MAC Hot Gossip won't dry out your lips like some lipsticks can. It's definitely one of my favourites in my collection, so don't forget to check it out next time you're at MAC!
Next up we have a gel eyeliner I have fallen in love with, and it's the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner. I was recommended this product several beauty bloggers on Twitter. So far I've been pretty loyal to MAC's Blacktrack gel liner, but now that I've discovered the Maybelline gel eye liner which is available for half the price but is just as good, there's no going back. The Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner is highly pigmented and very long wearing. It has a soft creamy texture that's a pleasure to apply. I usually prefer high end make up brands, but this drugstore gel liner is just as good as its more expensive counterparts.
Now onto the final product in my May favourites, and it's the Benefit Brow Zings brow shaping kit. I've not used anything else on my brows during the month of May other Benefit Brow Zings. This kit comes with a pigmented wax to shape the brows and a powder to set them. You also get a tiny set of tweezers, an angled brush and a blending brush with this product, but I prefer to use my MAC 266 brush to fill in my eye brows. I use this product by mixing the wax and the powder together, dabbing off any excess in the pan where the tweezers and brushes were and filling in my brows. Benefit Brow Zings is available in 3 shades, light, medium and dark. After much dithering I bought the shade dark,  and from experience I have to say you need to apply it this product with a very light hand if you've bought it in the shade dark. Otherwise you could end up looking like you've drawn your eyebrows on with a Sharpie. And yes, I'm speaking from experience. But once you get the hang of using Benefit Brow Zings I don't think you'll go back to anything else for filling in your eyebrows. I find this product so much easier to use than eyebrow pencils, and if you do make a mistake, you can very easily fix it using a cotton bud.
Well. that's all for my May Favourites and my little blog update! I really hope you've enjoyed this post, and don't forget to let me know what you think of my new blog name: Dolled Up London. 
Thanks for reading!
Nuala xxx

May Empties

Hey Everyone,
Hope that you're all well and that you've enjoyed the bank holiday weekend. Can you believe we're at the end of May and almost halfway through the year already? This year seems to be flying by! Well, another month another empties post.
If you're a regular reader of my monthly empties post you'll know that I tend to go through quite a lot of products every month, but May seems to have been an exception. I really didn't use up as many product as I usually do, but here are my May Empties nonetheless. Enjoy!
First up let's talk about the make up I used up in May.
NARS Laguna Bronzer
I cannot express enough how sad I am that this product is all gone now and no longer part of my make up collection. NARS Laguna is perhaps one of the best, if not the best, bronzer I've ever used. This product is so finely milled and never looks muddy, no matter how much of it you apply. It has a satin finish that works great for contouring as well as gently sweeping over your forehead and cheeks to give you a gorgeous bronze glow that looks natural and radiant. Ha, can you tell I love this product. So, if you love it so much, why don't you just go out and buy a new one I hear you ask. Well, I have quite a few other bronzers in my collection that I'm trying to show some love to. But I'm pining for my NARS Laguna so much already that it's  only a matter of time before it finds itself back in my arms again. The only negative thing I have to say about NARS Laguna is the packaging. Like most NARS packaging, it comes in this rubbery plastic case that's impossible to keep clean. Because the product is so fab though, I am more than happy to put up with its crappy packaging. This baby lasted me about 2 years without smashing and I used it just about every day, so even though it's a more expensive product I would recommend this to anyone who hasn't tried it yet.
I got this product free a couple of years back with Glamour magazine and I've really enjoyed using it. I used this under my eyes before applying concealer to brighten the area. This is a great Benefit product, but I'm not missing it the same way I'm missing my NARS Laguna bronzer. Benefit Eye Bright Pencil retails for £15.00, and I do think it's worth the money, but I'm not going to rush out an replace it just yet. Instead I'm going to hold out and see if the lovely people at Glamour would like to give a few more of these away with their magazine (Nudge nudge, wink wink).
Ok now this is a product I am quite glad to see the back off. After hearing so many great things about the MUFE HD Foundation and searching high and low to find a shop near me that sold it, I finally got my hands on this last year. There's a shop in Shepherd's Bush that sells MUFE products (link), and I would really recommend checking it out if you love make up as much as I do. Anyway, sadly for me I didn't like this foundation as much as I hoped I would. The coverage is light-medium, but I prefer my foundation to have medium-full coverage. Having said that, this foundation is easily buildable and with 3 full pumps of it I was able to get the kind of coverage I'm happy with. This foundation isn't cheap though, and will set you back £32.00. Now I'm happy to spend that kind of money on foundation, but at that price I expect to love it. Unfortunately, I didn't love this foundation and I won't be repurchasing it.
I have been using this serum for the best part of 10 years. It's a brilliant product with a very thick consistency that makes my hair more manageable and less frizzy. I've got very thick dry hair that's pretty heat damaged from years of abusing it with hair straighteners and chemical relaxers. Now because I have been using the John Frieda Frizz Ease Serum for so long, I think my hair may have gotten used to it over time and that it doesn't work as well as it used to on my hair. So me and John Frieda have decided to go on a break, and I am going to try out other haircare products and see how I get on with them instead. If you've got any haircare recommendations please leave them in the comments below! Currently on my wish list is the Moroccan Oil which I'm desperate to try, as well as a few Redken products.
Nick Chavez Plump 'N Thick Thickening Mist
I got this a few months back in a beauty box (I believe it was Birchbox), and I thought this was pretty good. It did make my hair feel more thicker every time I used it and it smelt very nice too. This was only a sample size though and I'm not going buy the full size of it. There are other haircare products I've got my eye on at the minute that I'd rather get. Still, it was a nice product to receive from Birchbox, especially as I hadn't heard of the Nicky Chavez brand before.
I'm one of those people that fake tans religiously all year round, and Garnier Summer Body is my favourite gradual tanner. Garnier Summer Body has a lovely citrus scent and is so easy to apply. You just slather this on all over your body and let the tan develop gradually as you get on with your day. The more often you apply this, the darker your tan will be. Garier Summer Body is a moisturiser with fake tan in it, so it will not dry out your skin the way some fake tans do. With summer on our doorstep I know a lot of us will be looking for products that help achieve a sun kissed look, and I cannot recommend this product enough. It also comes in a light formula, but with fake tan I always go for dark because I always like to look as tanned as possible.
Nivea Refreshing Facial Wash Gel
Over the years I've been pretty loyal to Neutrogena as my everyday face wash. Then last month I picked this up in Sainsbury's and I have been converted. Nivea's Refreshing Facial Gel Wash Gel is probably the best drugstore face wash I've tried. It's a thick gel that works up into a rich thick lather and left my skin feeling clean and looking refreshed, without drying it out. It's also got that typical Nivea scent which I'm a massive fan of. I'm using the Origins Cheeks and Blances Face Wash at the moment, but when that runs out I'll be more than happy to repurchase the Nivea Refreshing Facial Gel Wash Gel again.
Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser
OK I have been consistently raving about this product on here and on Twitter so I won't go on about it too much again. Click here if you'd like to read my review of the Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser. The only thing I have to add to that is you should go and buy it. Now. It's amazing.
 Well that's it for my May empties. What have you used up this month?
Nuala xxx

My Skincare Collection - Part 2

Hey Lovelies,
Hope you're all well and that you've had a good week. If you're one of my UK readers I also hope you enjoy the bank holiday we've got coming up and that you don't have to work this weekend! Sadly it don't look like we're going to be getting any sunshine down in London, but I'm still glad for the extra day off. I'm not going to be able to do any shopping this weekend though because I'm completely skint till payday, but I am going out for my mates birthday tomorrow night which should be fun!
Anyway as I have no money for shopping, I've decided to share my skincare collection with you this week instead, and this is the 2nd part of it. Click here if you haven't seen part one yet. These are all my non essential- skincare items as well as a few back ups, so read on to find out more...
First up we've got my back up skincare items, that's products I've got in my collection that are waiting to be opened once I've finished the skincare items I'm currently using. I don't really like having several eye creams or moisturisers on the go at once, so I'll only start a new product once I'm completely out of the old one. As these are my back ups, I never store them in the bathroom because bathrooms obviously get hot and steamy every time you shower. That's really bad for any kind of creams, especially ones which contain active ingredients. Heat and humidity can make the product go off, so I would always recommend storing skincare you are not currently using in a cool dark place (like a drawer in your bedroom perhaps) rather than in the bathroom.
I've never tried the Origins Plantscription Anti-Ageing Cream or the Origins Anti-Ageing Eye Cream, but a few weeks back Origins had a promotion on where you got a free full size eye cream with any moisturiser you bought. Now that was an offer too good too pass up! I chose the Anti-Ageing Cream because I'm in my early 30s, and even though mother nature has been kind to me, I always try to go for products that fight fine lines and wrinkles.
I've been using the Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream for years and I love it. It's a moisturiser I always go back to. This product smells amazing and helps prevent as well correct fine lines and wrinkles. Clarins recommend the  Multi-Active Day Cream for people in their mid 20s to mid 30s. It has SPF 15 and contains ingredients which help protect your skin against pollution. Great if you live in a city like me!
I've only got 2 face masks. I use the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask once a week and it's brilliant! I've done a full review on this which you can read by clicking here.
I 've also got the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Mask in my collection. I bought this mask when I was going through a bad patch with my skin and getting lots of spots. This mask is a white clay mask and it really helped clear up my skin. I only use this products when I have breakouts. It dries out my spots without drying out my skin, and I would really recommend this product to anyone who's having problems with their skin.
Right if you follow me on Twitter you will know I have a slight obsession with MAC. I do prefer MAC make up to their skincare though. These 3 MAC items are however my best picks out of all the MAC skincare I've tried.
MAC Strobe Cream is an illuminating cream that contains vitamins, antioxidants and green tea. This product is amazing. You can either use it as a base before applying your foundation, mix it in with your foundation or use it as a highlighter on the top of your cheekbones. It really is a multi-purpose product! MAC Strobe Cream has a really pretty iridescent sheen and I always use this when my skin is looking tired and dull. Whenever I use MAC Strobe Cream, my skin instantly looks more healthy and dewy.
MAC Fix + is perhaps one of MAC's most misunderstood products. MAC Fix + is a make up finishing spray rather than a spray that will keep your make up on for longer. I use this once I've finished applying all my make up to make it look more natural. This product is also great for freshening your make up throughout the day. It won't make your make up last all day, but it will stop it from looking too cakey or powdery. You can also use MAC Fix + to prep yours skin before applying your make up.
MAC Prep and Prime Skin Base is my go-to foundation primer. This product has worked with every foundation I've tried it with. It's my favourite primer and really does helps my make up stay put all day.
These are 2 products in my skincare collection that really don't work for me. I bought the Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer to go with my Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation, but these 2 products do not go well together at all. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation is one of my favourite foundations, but if I use it with the Laura Mercier Oil free primer, my skin ends up looking like an oil slick and the foundation comes off rather than lasting all day. This is a very expensive foundation primer but frankly I think it's a waste of money. The only reason I'm not throwing it out is because it is so expensive, but I certainly would not recommend this product and I wont be repurchasing it once I've used it up.
Next up we have the Ritessens Exfoliant. I got this in a beauty box and I really don't like it at all. My biggest problem with the Ritessens Exfoliant is the smell. This product smells of wood, but not in a nice way. I don't really like using this on my face. Perhaps I will use it as a body scrub instead. Or I'll end up giving it away. Receiving products like these is part of the reason why I no longer subscribe to beauty boxes. I would rather spend the money on  products I actually want instead of receiving samples that don't work for me.
Anyway that's it for my skincare collection. I hope you've enjoyed this post and that you've found it useful. 
What skincare items would you recommend?
Nuala xxx

My Skincare Collection - Part 1

Hey Everyone,
Hope you're all well! Today's post is going to be the first part of my Skincare collection posts. I was going to put my entire skincare collection in one post, but I realised it would be too many products, so I decided to split it into 2 posts, and here is the first part of my Skincare Collection. These are the products I use on a daily basis, whereas part 2 will be my non-essential skincare products.Enjoy!
First up, let's start with my make up removers. I've only got 3 in my collection which is a pretty reasonable amount I think. 2 of these products are great, but one of them has disappointed me, so read on to find out more.
It's probably no surprise that I've got a bottle of Bioderma in my skincare collection. Bioderma is my everyday cleanser and make up remover. This is the second bottle of Bioderma I'm going through this year so you can tell how much I love it! I use a small amount of this on an oval cotton pad to cleanse my face every morning and evening. I've done am entire review on Bioderma which you can read by clicking here.
Another product in my collection which I'm loving is the Bourjois Express Eye Make Up Remover which I recently bought. This product is fantastic and even better than my Bioderma at removing eye make up. It's one of those products you need to shake up before using and it removes gel liner and mascara which can be a nightmare to get off with such ease!
I bought the Superdrug Vitamin E Gentle Eye Make Up Remover because I love the Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser from the same range, but this product has unfortunately disappointed me a little. This product is a cream eye make up remover. It works fine at removing eyeshadow, but it's not great for removing gel eyeliner or mascara. I also accidentally got a tiny bit of this in my eyes once and it clouded my vision for a few minutes and was very uncomfortable. I will try to use this up, and it was only a couple of quid, so it's not the end of the world, but sadly this product did not work for me. I do however still absolutely love the Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser which I will be repurchasing forever more.
I only have one face wash in my skincare collection, and it's the Origins Cheeks and Balances Frothy Face Wash.
Face wash is one of those products I only repurchase when I'm starting to run out. Usually I use drugstore face wash, but this month I decided to treat myself to some Origins products and this is one of the things I picked up. The Origins Cheeks and Balances Frothy Face Wash is very creamy. You only need a tiny amount of this product to wash your face. Once you add water, the Origins Cheeks and Balances Frothy Face Wash works up into a very rich and frothy lather. This product literally leaves my face feeling squeaky clean and does not dry my skin out at all. Origins advise to keep this product away from your eyes. which is the one negative thing I have to say about it because usually when I wash my face I like using the product over my eyes as well. The Origins Cheeks and Balances Frothy Face Wash is a high end product, but you only need the tiniest amount of it and this bottle will last me a lot longer than my usual drugstore face wash. So even though it's slightly more expensive than your average drugstore face wash, this product is still great value for money.
At the moment I'm using the MAC Studio Moisture Fix lotion as my everyday moisturiser, but I won't be repurchasing this product. I'm in my early 30s, so I prefer moisturisers which have anti ageing properties in them. MAC Studio Moisture Fix lotion isn't as hydrating as I'd like it to be and doesn't claim to be anti ageing. Even though this product hasn't really worked for me, I do think it would be more for someone younger with oily skin. This product is very lightweight and provides a great base for make up. It also contains SPF which is really important for a day cream or lotion and something I always look out for.
At the moment I'm using the Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturiser as my night cream. I'm one of those people that always have to have a separate night cream and day cream, and I'm really funny about using a day cream in the evenings. The Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturiser contains 8 different anti oxidants which keep your skin looking healthy and protect it against signs of environmental damage. This product is recommended for dry combination skin, but it is also available for people with oily skin. I am enjoying using this night moisuriser, but it is more like a lotion rather than a cream, so if you suffer from really dry skin you perhaps will need a product that's slightly more hydrating than the Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturiser.
I've been using serums before I apply my night time moisturiser for years and I can't recommend it enough. When I was younger, I did a lot of things that are very bad for your skin. This included battering the sunbeds. My skin however is still in pretty good nick, and other than good genes (cheers mum), I also think I have my skincare routine to thank for that. You're never too young to start using a serum. The serum I'm using at the moment is the Origins A Perfect World Age Defense Skin Guardian with White Tea. I apply one pump of this every evening to my clean face. This product leaves my skin feeling silky and smooth, almost like I've applied a primer. It contains active ingredients including Silver Tip White Tea, which helps slow down the ageing process and will keep your skin looking younger for longer.
I cannot recommend the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream enough to you! This is the second one I've bought, which shows how much I love it. I use this every morning and evening around my eye area. This cream absorbs beautifully into the skin, leaving the delicate eye area moisturised. This product has also reduced the appearance of dark circles under my eyes. I've done a full review on the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream which you can read by clicking here.
If you read my blog you will know how much I have been raving about the Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleansers. I love both the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser (Review) and the Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser (Review) equally. These 2 products are fantastic value for money and I use one of these (depending what mood I'm in) every evening after my Bioderma but before I wash my face. These 2 products smell amazing and do a great job at cleansing and exfoliating your skin, and I honestly cannot recommend them enough.
Well, that's it for Part 1 of my Skincare Collection. Keep a lookout for Part 2 (yes, there is more) which will be up later this week.
I hope you've enjoyed this post and let me know what you think in the comments below.
Nuala xxx

Confessions of A Blogger Tag

Hey Everyone,
Quite a while ago I was tagged by the lovely Leslie from Bravenezz to do the Confessions of A Blogger post. I love reading these kind of posts and it's always nice to learn a little bit more about the person behind the blog. The tag consists of 9 blogging related questions, so without further ado lets jump straight into it.
Confessions of A Blogger Tag
1. Have you had any past online presence before blogging?
No, before I started blogging I only had Facebook which in all honesty I have got really bored of using. Facebook was fun when it first started. Me and my friends all used to share pictures of drunken nights out on there and tag/untag each other in the most flattering/unflattering pictures we could find. It was also a great way of stalking people and finding out what your exes and people you went to school who you never really liked are up to these days. I used to love all the gossip you could get of Facebook, and it had a massive comedy value. 
Lately however, Facebook has turned into Mumsbook. I.e. mums sharing pictures of their babies on there all day long. Don't get me wrong, kids are cute and fun. I've worked with kids in the past and it's a lot more entertaining working with them rather than shovelling paper in an office all day long. 
However, when I go onto Facebook these days, that's all I see. Pictures of babies, babies and more babies. 
I actually feel sorry to the poor kids whose mums post every detail of their life on Facebook. The Internet really does not need to know (or care) if  little Tilly is teething, has an upset tummy or is the cleverest in her class. It's like those kids have no privacy, and I'm really glad Facebook wasn't around when I was a baby. At least my mum never had the opportunity to share my bowel movements with the world, no matter how exciting they seemed to her at the time.
I know I can 'unfollow' people on Facebook so I don't see certain people's updates anymore on my feed. I've ended up doing that for quite a few people but my Facebook news feed still largely consists of a whole load of crap. That's why I have moved onto Twitter, which I enjoy a lot more!
2. Why did you start a blog?
 I've always loved make up, even from a young age, as you can see from the pictures I've included in this post. That's me when I was about 10 years old on Halloween, and the other picture is me again. I had just completed the 2010 London Marathon and was checking how my make up had held up during the 26 and a half mile race. Acrylic nails, check. Fake tan, check. Medal around my neck, check.
Starting a blog was a great way for me to meet other people who love make up and beauty products just as much as I do. It is also a brilliant way to justify the stupid amounts of spending I do at the drugstore and at high end make up counters.
3. When did you become so serious about starting a blog?
I started blogging as a hobby in August last year, and the longer I blog the more I enjoy it. I am always looking at ways to improve my blog, and I will carry on with blogging until it becomes a chore and I do not enjoy it any more, because I feel that would show in my posts and it would not be fair on my readers if I was putting in a half-hearted effort.  
4. What has been your biggest challenge while blogging?
 I think posting regularly when having a full time job can be a bit of a challenge because writing up blog posts and taking pictures takes a lot of time, and it can be a bit of a struggle to manage my time. I would love to post more often than 2x a week, but because of my work commitments sadly that's all I can manage. I think that if I was to try and post every day, the quality of my posts would suffer, so I try to keep it to 2 posts a week. Taking pictures can also be a bit of a challenge too. The weather isn't always great which makes it difficult to take good pictures. The online blogging community is so lovely and brilliant though, and I always get inspiration and help from them when I feel that I'm lacking ideas or need blogging advice. 
5. What was your first post?
 My first post was all about the make up course I done last year at the London College of Fashion. Click here if you'd like to read it!
6. Where do you see your blog in one year?
I would like to change my blog layout and start advertising my blog with other bloggers. I'd also like to get a better camera for taking blog pictures as at the moment all I'm using is the camera on my phone. I'm attending my first blogging event at the end of June, and I'm really looking forward to finally meeting some of the lovely people I am always chattting to on Twitter. Hopefully I will be able to attend more events in the future. I've just reached 500 followers on my blog, which I am so grateful for, and I would be over the moon if my blog had 1000 readers in a years time, but I know I need to work hard on my posts and content if I'm gonna make that happen. I am also considering changing my blog name slightly, so keep a look out for that.
7. What is the most rewarding thing about blogging?
I love reading comments on my posts, and I still get really excited every time I see that someone has left me a blog post comment. I also love it when friends and colleagues tell me they read my blog and that they enjoy it, or that they bought a product because I raved about it on my blog. Recently someone at work asked me why I don't work in fashion, and to me that's honestly the biggest compliment anyone could give me!
8. What is the most discouraging thing about blogging? 
I am lucky because this hasn't affected me personally and I think in general it is more of a problem on YouTube, but there are some mean people (trolls) on the Internet, that can leave horrible comments on people's posts and YouTube videos. There is really no need for that, and I think if you do put yourself on the Internet you definitely need to have a very thick skin. There have also been a few infamous arguments between bloggers, which I find very discouraging. Moral of the story, if you wouldn't say it to someones face, then don't say it to them online. 
I have only ever been involved in one Twitter "argument". Well it wasn't an argument really, it was more of an irate Justin Bieber fan who got a little upset because I tweeted something she didn't find very funny about the object of her affections. She must have been about 12 and spent the rest of the afternoon tweeting me abuse, which myself and the rest of Twitter found highly entertaining.
9. What's your lasting inspiration or motivation? 
What motivates me is all the lovely comments I get on my blog posts and on Twitter, as well as feedback from my friends who also say they enjoy my blog. I am also inspired by other bloggers. Reading their posts and chatting to them about blogging and our favourite beauty products always encourages me to continue to grow my blog . Tanya Burr is probably my favourite blogger and YouTuber, and my biggest inspiration for blogging, so if you haven't checked out her channel on YouTube yet you really have to. Tanya is such a lovely blogger. I have learned so much from her and I could buy every single product she recommends!
 Thank you for reading this post. I know I have rambled on a bit but I hope you found it interesting. I'd like to tag anyone reading this to do the Confessions of A Blogger post too, especially these lovely beauty bloggers:
Emma from Belles Avenue 
Kirsty from The Style Khalessi
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Claire from Divine Obscurity 
Daniella from Beauty in Japan
Sabi from Glossaholic  
Naomi from Love and Glamour
I'd also like to say a massive thanks to Leslie from Bravenezz for tagging me, and sorry it's taken me so long to put this up! 
Till next time, 
Nuala xxx

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask Review

Hello Everyone, 
So if you've seen my last post you'll know that I recently picked up the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask.
Origins is a brand I have used before, but I'd sort of forgot about them for a while and stayed pretty loyal to Clarins, which is probably my favourite skincare brand. Lately however I've seen quite a few of my favourite beauty bloggers raving about Origins products, so I decided to pop down to Origins and pick up a few bits. As I wasn't really sure which products to get, I asked on Twitter what everyones favourite Origins product was, and quite a few beauty bloggers said it's the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, so I knew this would be the first item on my Origins shopping list.
My skin type has always been oily-combination, but lately it's been feeling really dry. I'm not sure if it's the cold weather we've been having over here, or perhaps some of the products I've been using in my skincare routine, but my foundation just hasn't been sitting as nicely on my skin as it used to. I knew I needed to invest in a product that would put some moisture back into my skin and stop it feeling so dehydrated.
This is where the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask came to my rescue!
The Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is a face mask you use once  or twice a week as an intense moisturising treatment. It contains the natural ingredients apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, Japanese seaweed and mango butters which intensely moisturise the skin and also help prevent signs of premature ageing.
This product is so easy to apply. You massage a small amount into your face before you go to bed and let it work overnight as you sleep. Then in the morning you rinse it off. It couldn't be simpler!
I love the smell of the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. It's got  a fresh peachy scent that reminds me a lot of Peach Petit Filous. Yum!
One thing that had worried me about using an overnight mask was how it would feel on my skin.I didn't particularly fancy going to bed with a face that feels sticky because I've put a treatment on it, but I needn't have worried! The mask absorbs quickly into the skin, so it does not feel like you've got a layer of product on your face when you go to bed. If you do feel you've applied too much of this or if it feels sticky on your skin, Origins advise that you can tissue off any excess. I've not really felt the need to do this though. This product is a pleasure to apply and not greasy at all!
Now to the most important part:
Has the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask made a difference to my skin?
I can honestly say that it has! I've been using this product once a week for about 3 weeks, and my skin is feeling a lot better already! Where my skin is not so dehydrated anymore, I no longer feel that my foundation is sitting in the fine lines on my face (not that I have many of those!).
My skin always feels more plump and youthful after I use the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. It's made a noticable difference in quite a short space of time, and I can easily see why this is one of Origins best selling products!
With summer around the corner and a lot of us off to hot and sunny places for our summer holidays soon, I would say this product is really worth investing in, especially before and after your holiday. The sun and too much drinking can really dry out and age our skin, so it's important to keep our skin healthy, hydrated and moisturised. That way, it will hopefully stay looking younger for longer!
The Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask retails for £20.00 which might seem quite pricey, but you do get pleantly of product for your money (100ml to be exact). As this is a treatment you're meant to use once or twice a week depending on your skin type, one of these should last you ages as well.
Have you tried the  Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask?
Nuala xxx

Collective Origins Haul and First Impressions!

Hey Lovelies,
I hope you're well and having a good week!
After reading lots of great reviews on Origins products lately, and hearing quite a few of my favourite beauty bloggers raving about their products, I decided to head down there and as you can see, I ended up getting quite a few things.
I think Origins is one of those places you can't leave without buying anything. The ladies that work at my nearest Origins are all very nice, knowledgeable and friendly. I think it's a great place to shop, a bit like MAC but more for skincare rather than make up and here are my first impressions and thoughts on everything I got but I will be doing more detailed reviews once I've tried all the products.
This is one of Origins best selling products and I can easily see why. When I tweeted asking which Origins product beauty bloggers would recommend to me, almost everyone suggested this one! My skin has been feeling quite dry lately and I bought the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask to hopefully put some moisture back into my skin! I will let you know in more detail how I'm getting on with this product, but so far, I love it. 
Origins Age-Defense Skin Guardian with Tea Tree
This was more of an impulse buy. When I explained to the lady at Origins that my skin has been feeling quite dry lately and she recommended me this product to go with the overnight mask. Origins Age-Defense Skin Guardian with Tea Tee is a serum You only need one pump of this. I have started applying  this every evening before my night cream. When I put this on, it makes my skin feels so soft and smooth, almost like a foundation primer and it contains anti ageing properties which is always a bonus!

Now I wasn't really looking for an eye cream or a face cream but when I went to Origins on the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend they were running a promotion where you get a free full sized eye cream worth £36.00 with any moisturiser that you buy. Now that offer was far too good to turn down, so I picked up the Origins Plantscription SPF 25 Anti-aging Cream and got the Origins Plantscription SPF 25 Anti-aging Eye Cream absolutely free! How good is that? I've not had a chance to try either of these products yet as I'm good for eye cream and moisturiser at the moment, but I've got these ready and waiting for me as soon as I run out. Once I start using them I will do a full review for you. 
Origins Cheeks and Balances Frothy Face Wash
This is another one of Origins best selling products. You only need the tiniest amount of this face wash to work up a rich lather and cleanse your face. Origins Cheeks and Balances Frothy Face Wash really leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and it's the perfect product for combination skin. It contains broad leaf kelp extract which reduces excess oil production as well as wheat proteins which helps moisturise dry areas. This is quite a luxury product though so I'm still going to use my drugstore face wash and keep this one as a treat a couple of times a week.    
Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream
I didn't buy this product myself but I decided to include it in this post as it's another Origins product I have recently acquired. My mum got this from her friend for her birthday, and I pinched it off her. I explained to my mum that 'you don't really need this so I'll keep it', and lucky for me she didn't object. The Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream smells absolutely lovely. It's quite a spicy gingery scent (obviously, as it's got ginger in it). It smells a bit like Christmas and wintertime to me (not sure why, maybe it's the ginger), but for that reason I've decided to put this away and will start using it in the winter.
What's your favourite Origins product?
Nuala xxx

Shhhhh... Retail Secrets!

Hello Everyone!
So if you've been reading my blog you'll know how much I have been raving about the Superdrug own label Hot Cloth Cleansers. I think they're just as good as the Liz Earle product, for a fraction of the price. Now this has got me thinking, where does the Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser come from? Now some might say from Superdrug, obviously. But is this really the case? Read on and I will explain more...
In my previous work I was doing admin in an office, and other than learning about the ins and outs of filing and data entry, I also learned a bit about suppliers and supermarkets.
Before I had that job I used to think that Tesco's, Asda's, Sainsbury's and co produced all their own label products themselves. So say, you buy a loaf of bread from Tescos under the Tesco brand, surely it's produced by Tescos in their very own bread factory, right? Wrong.
A lot of the companies that produce the brands we know and love (Kingsmill, Youngs, Branston, McVities to name a few), also produce own label products for supermarkets. Supermarkets buy products from these companies and sell them in their own packaging for a much cheaper price.
We tend to pay more for the brands, believing they are better quality, when essentially, a lot of  supermarket own label and branded products come from the same exact same company. The only real difference is the price.
Of course not all major brands do this. There are some companies, for example Kellogs, who pride themselves on not producing products for anybody else. A lot of well known brands however, do make own label products for our supermarkets. 
 Now this got me thinking, does the same apply to the beauty industry? Because surely companies like Superdrug and Boots don't have their own factories that produce nail polish, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and all the other own label products they sell.
Could it be possible that Superdrug buy their Hot Cloth Cleanser from Liz Earle, for example? 
I've got no idea where Superdrug get their Hot Cloth Cleansers from, but I think it's quite unlikely that they've got a Hot Cloth Cleanser factory somewhere producing Hot Cloth Cleansers just for them.
It's no big secret that the beauty industry consists mainly of a few large companies anyway (namely Estee Lauder, Coty and L'Oreal), who seem to own just about all beauty brands between them. Obviously I may be completely wrong, but it wouldn't surprise me if these big players in the beauty industry were supplying the likes of Superdrug and Boots under their own label brands as well.
That said, will it stop me paying high end prices for beauty products that are available for much cheaper at the drugstore? No, it wont. I will carry on spending ££££ on high end products, convincing myself that they are better for me and that they will make me look younger and more beautiful than cheaper drugstore alternatives.
I would love to hear your thoughts on this!
Nuala xxx

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

Hey Lovelies,
So recently I went to MAC and picked up their Pro Longwear Concealer.
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
 MAC Pro Longwear Concealer is a long wearing medium to full coverage liquid concealer.
I bought it in the shade NC 42, which is darker than my foundation shade (NC 30). My thinking behind this was that I need a darker product to mix in with my current foundation so I can use it in the summer when I have more of a tan.
 MAC Pro Longwear Concealer is quite a multi purpose product. 
It can be used as an undereye concealer and I've got a small tip for you: If you are looking for an undereye concealer at MAC, try to chose an NW shade rather than an NC shade. The reason for this is that NW shades are more pink toned, and pink toned shades work better at disguising darkness under your eyes rather than yellow toned ones. 
Also, try not to go for a concealer that's miles lighter than your foundation. I know we all want to lighten our undereye area, Kim Kardashian style, but if you are trying to cover up your dark circles with a product that's far too light for you, you can actually end up highlighting that area rather than colour correcting it. (Many thanks to Andrew James MUA for this great tip. Andrew is a professional make up artist who often tweets really useful make up tips on Twitter, so do check him out and give him a follow!). You can always use a lighter product after you have concealed to create that Kim Kardashian look!
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer can also be used to cover up blemishes, acne scarring, hyper pigmentation, spots and lots of other nasties we all try to hide. As this product dries to a matte finish and the coverage is quite high, do make sure your skin is properly moisturised before applying it as it can look a bit cakey otherwise. 
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
Now the packaging of MAC Pro Longwear Concealer is one of the best and worst things about this product. I love how elegant this looks in the glass bottle, and the fact that it's got a pump. The fact that the bottle is made out of glass though means that you have to be quite careful with it, and not drop it. The pump is a great idea, but it does annoy me slightly, as it always dispenses more product than you actually need. I think having a pump on MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation would be a lot more useful than having it on this concealer...
Here is one pump of MAC Pro Longwear Concealer on on my arm.
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
 And here you can see the product blended out. I used a Real Techniques buffing brush to do this as the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer  has quite a thick consistency and it was quite difficult to blend out using just my fingers.
MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer
Now 1 pump of MAC Pro Longwear Concealer covers quite a large area as you can see, and I am thinking of decanting this product into another pot so I don't end up wasting any of it.
This product almost feels like high coverage foundation, and it can also be mixed in with your favourite moisturiser and used as a tinted moisturiser, which is quite handy with summer being around the corner!
Retailing at £14.50 for 9ml, I know this product is more on the pricey side but it is a really versatile, good quality concealer that comes in 15 different shades and gives a really flawless finish to the skin.
Have any of you tried MAC Pro Longwear Concealer? Let me know what you think in the comments below!
If you're reading this in the UK, have a great bank holiday weekend!
Till next time,
Nuala xxx
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