Bioderma Review

Hey Everyone!
I hope you are all well and having a lovely weekend.
Today's post is going to be a review on a product I have been absolutely loving: Bioderma.
I got this for Christmas from my mum who lives in Dubai. 
Stacey from Expat Make Up Addict also lives in Dubai and I was chatting to her on Twitter. When I  found out from Stacey that Bioderma is sold at Boots in Dubai  I sent my mum down straight down there and asked her to pick up a bottle for me. I had never tried Bioderma but heard so many great things about it and I was desperate to try it!
I love using this to remove my make up. I wear a lot of make up (I'm talking a full face here, foundation, bronzer, highlighter, blush, powder, gel liner, mascara, eye shadows...) and using just a small amount of  this on a cotton pad in the evening removes everything I caked on my poor face in the morning.
Bioderma is unscented and it literally smells of nothing, a bit like water. It's also not oil based like a lot of make up removers so you do not have to shake it up before using it.
It's also really gentle so you can rub it over your eyes to remove all your eye make up. 
Bioderma comes in a clear plastic bottle with a pink nozzle to pour the product out of. Where the quality of this is so great though, I don't think they need any fancy packaging. The product really speaks for itself!
 Bioderma is a French skincare brand. I believe it's sold in pharmacies across France. 
Sadly it's quite difficult to get hold of in the UK. Amazon or Ebay are would probably be your best bet. 
What I don't understand is why Bioderma is available at Boots in Dubai but not Boots over here! I have heard some rumours that Boots are planning to stock it in the UK at some point this year. I really hope these rumours are true because I think this is a fantastic product and I'll be asking my mum to bring me back a bottle of Bioderma every time she's visiting until Boots start selling it over here, and ideally at a reasonable price too!
What do you think? Have you tried Bioderma or do you know of any good dupes for it? Let me know in the comments below! 
Nuala xxx

My MAC Paint Pots

Hey Everyone!
I hope you are all well and having a good start to the week! I think this January seems to be the longest January ever and I'm so glad it's only 8 days till payday!
Well I have been completely skint this month (like many people I got paid just before Christmas and payday is the last working day of January) so I haven't done any shopping at all this month.
I guess this isn't so bad as I know many other bloggers are in the same boat, but I miss shopping!
As I sadly have no hauls this month, I've gone through my make up collection and decided to bring you this little post on my MAC Paint Pots
 This is what MAC have to say about their Paint Pots:
"A highly pigmented eye colour that goes on creamy but dries to an intense, vibrant finish. The next generation of a popular M·A·C formula, Paint Pots maintains all the intense traits of its inspiration. Long-wearing, colourfast. Creates seamless coverage without weight or caking. Blends smoothly over the lids. Cream-based, can be mixed with M·A·C shadows and liners. Available in satin, cream, frost, and pearl formulas."
I have 3 of these in my little collection and they are:
Bare Study
I also used to own Painterly but I let my mum borrow it which was a big mistake as she liked it so much she decided to keep it.
I am a very big fan of these little pots.
They work really well as eye shadow bases. You only really need a tiny amount of these on your lid and your eye shadow will stay put all day. They also really make the eye shadows colours pop, especially if you are using an eyeshadow that's a similar colour to the Paint Pot. 
The colours are really pretty as well so they can be worn on their own as a long wearing cream eye shadow. 
Sorry that the products have been used before I photographed them. I know that goes against blogger rules a little but these were in my collection way before I started blogging!
This is a Frost finish. I've had Constructivist for 2 years now as I got it for Christmas in 2010. As you can see it hasn't dried out! For a cream product I think that that's quite impressive. Constructivist is a really nice warm brown colour that I like to use as a base for dark smokey eyes. It also looks really pretty worn on its own. 
Bare Study:
Bare Study is a Frost Finish. This is my most reached for paint pot. It's a really nice champagne colour that's great if you are wearing a neutral eye and will make any colour eyeshadow you put on top of it more vibrant.
Groundwork has a satin finish. This is more of a medium taupe colour. I like wearing this underneath golden eye shadows. It also looks great worn on it's own for a quick and easy daytime look.
Here are some swatches for you:
I know the Maybelline Colour Tattoos are the drugstore dupe for these, but I honestly prefer the Mac Paint Pots
I found that MAC product is a lot creamier and a lot more finely milled than the Maybelline one.  When I've used my Maybelline Tattoo in Eternal Gold as an eye shadow base, the shadow just ended up looking muddy.
If you are new to MAC and wondering what product to look at first, Paint Pots are one product I can really recommend.
They retail at £14.50 per Paint Pot and you get 5g of product. Even if you were to use it every day, one paint pot would still last you at least one year!
One small tip as well to prevent these from drying out is to store them upside down.
This is how I got told to store them by someone who used to work at MAC and I've never had a problem with my paint pots drying out.
Have you ever used a MAC Paint Pot? Which one is your favourite?
Nuala xxx 

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Lotion

Hello Lovelies,
Today's post is going to be a review of the St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Lotion. 
I love fake tan and have been fake tanning for about 10 years now.
I'd heard quite a few good things about St Moriz., but in all honesty I was a little bit dubious. Can a fake tan that costs around £4.99 really be any good?
 Well  I spotted this product in Bodycare and decided to give it a try! Sadly Bodycare is only available up north, but I have also seen this in my local Wilkinsons. It is  also available to buy online from places like Tescos.
Like I always do the night before I fake tan, I exfoliated my skin and used a body butter. This is to make sure the tan goes on evenly, lasts longer on your skin and does not look patchy.
The following night I applied the St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Lotion.
The first thing I noticed when I applied this was the smell. It smells very clean and fresh. No sign of the dreaded biscuit scent you get with some fake tans! That really surprised me. Somehow I was expecting a cheaper brand of fake tan to have a terrible scent. This is certainly not the case with the St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Lotion!
The consistency of this product is more similar to a gel rather than a cream. I blended it into my skin using a self tanning mitt. It was really easy to blend and dried in under 5 minutes so I was able to put on my PJs and go to bed to let the colour develop over night. 
My PJs was slightly stained from the tan the next morning but I know this will come out in the wash so it does not bother me. 
This is my arm before I applied the St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Lotion
Please note that my arm isn't completely fake tan free. 
Even though I exfoliated the night before, it would probably take me a good couple of weeks to get myself back to my natural skin tone.
Here is my arm the next morning after I had applied the St. Moriz, left it to develop over night and showered off the brown guide colour.
As you can see my arm looks a lot darker the next day.
I have not used any filters on the images so you can see the true colour of the tan. 
Personally I would not put this tan on and go out before showering the guide colour off first. 
It's really better to leave this product on so it can develop over night and to wash it off the next day.
The St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Lotion has given me an even, dark and streek free tan. My skin doesn't feel dried out either. All this for £4.99. Not bad at all!
So if you are thinking of giving this product a go, I can highly recommend it. 
I think this product is particularly suitable to those of you who may be new to fake tanning. It really is foolproof and so easy to use. And comes with instructions on the bottle so you really can't go wrong!
 Do any of you use fake tan? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
Nuala xxx

My First Birchbox!

Hey Lovelies,
I hope you are having a lovely weekend and enjoying the snow if you've got any where you are!
I've been a bit of bad blogger and not blogged at all this week, so to make up for it I have decided to put up 2 posts today. My first post is the Versatile Blogger Award. If you're interested in having a read of 7 random facts about me and seeing who I nominated please click here.
 My second post of the day is going to be on my first ever Birchbox!
 For those of you who are not aware, Birchbox is a beauty box subscription service. They were previously known as Joliebox.
I was very excited to receive my first box yesterday, especially as I have been completely skint this month and not able to treat myself to anything. I think that may be the case for a lot of us who got paid just before Christmas and have to wait till the last working day in January till we get paid again...
Here are all the beauty products that were in my first Birchbox:
KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry (30ml)
This is one of those products you shake up before you use. It's supposed to detangle and soften hair whilst speeding up the drying time I only got this yesterday so I haven't had a chance to try it yet. .
Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment (2.2g)
This is a very moisturising lip treatment with a hint of colour. I tried it today and it definitely softened my lips! I've gotten quite a lot of lip products from Joliebox and now my first Birchbox has got another lip balm type poduct in it though. I don't mind as most lip treatments I've received have been really good. However I do fancy a bit of a change in my next box so hopefully no more lip products!
WEI White Lotus Moisture Rich Eye Blend (12ml)
This is a tiny sample of a very expensive eye cream. I'm looking forward to using it but I do wish the sample had been a little bit bigger!
Taaj Paris Hand Cream (30ml)
This is a lovely French hand cream. I may end up giving this away though as I already got quite a few Bath and Body Works hand creams for Christmas. I like receiving French skincare and body products though as the quality is always very good!
I also received a Teapigs Chamomile tea bag (not pictured). 

As with Joliebox, Birchbox also comes with a monthly magazine.
I'm quite happy with this box, but as I have been subscribed to beauty boxes for quite some time I am starting to feel like the products are getting a little bit repetitive. I am going to see what the next 2 boxes are like before I decide whether to carry on with my subscription. As Birchbox is an American company, I would love to see brands like Wet and Wild or Sonya Kashuk  which you cannot get in the UK!
If you are interested in subscribing to Birchbox, you can click here. Prices are £10.00 per month plus £2.95 for postage.
 What do you think? Are you subscribed to any Beauty Boxes? And if you received a Birchbox let me know if you got the same products as me or something different! 
Till next time!
Nuala xxx

Versatile Blogger Award

Hey Everyone,
I hope you are all well and having a nice weekend!
A few weeks ago these lovely ladies nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award: 
Sophie from SOPHisticateXX  
Leslie from  Bravenezz 
 Thank you so much  for nominating me and sorry it's taken me a while to put this post up!
The rules of the award are as follows:
- Thank the blogger which awarded you
- Share 7 random facts about yourself
- Nominate 7 fellow bloggers
- Let the nominated bloggers know that they have been awarded
- Add the Versatile Blogger badge to your blog

7 Random Facts about me:
1. I work for a retailer (sadly not a make up or beauty one!)
2. I can't drive.
3. I went to college in Birmingham.
4. One time I got so drunk I forgot where I live and the only address I could remember was my    work one.
5. I haven't read a book in over 5 years. Last book I read was the Katie Price autobiograpghy.
6. I've lived in Spain for 6 months where I worked as a kids rep for Thomas Cook.
7. I don't like red wine.

The 7 bloggers I am nominating are:
Sabi from Gloss-Aholic
 Effy from Effy Talks Life
 Fisi from Oh Snap Babes 
Hannah from Hannah Marie Beauty Blog
Elysia from  Little Beauty Blogg
Sarah from Rara Giggle
Sarah from Pretty Gloss

Thank you once again Sophie, Leslie and Danielle for nominating me! 
And if I've nominated you and you'd like to do the post, let me know when it's up so I can have a nosey at your 7 random facts!
Nuala xxx


MAC Brush Cleanser Review

Hey Lovelies,
I hope you are all well and having a good week so far!
I thought I would bring you a quick review on one of my favourite MAC products. This probably a bit of a random choice as it's the MAC Brush Cleanser!
 I've been using this product for years and it's one I always repurchase as soon as I run out.
Currently the MAC Brush Cleanser is priced at £9.50 for 233ml which I don't think is bad at all considering one bottle lasts me a good few months!
This is what MAC have to say about their brush cleanser:
"This one product will clean, disinfect and condition the brush fibres so that brushes will last longer."
I use this to clean any of my brushes that don't have liquid foundation or concealer on them. I especially like using it for cleaning my eyeshadow brushes. 
There are several ways for using this product. You can either pour a small amount of this onto a dry towel and swirl your brush back and forth on it until all the make up is removed.  
Alternatively you could pour a small amount into the palm of your hand or a cup and swirl your brush around it in until it's clean then rinse out the brush. This is particularly good if you are looking to deep clean your brushes.
One of the best things about the MAC Brush Cleanser is that brushes dry so fast when you use it! No waiting around for ages the way you have to when you deep clean your brushes using a product like baby shampoo. 
Another thing I love about this is that I exchange the empty bottles to get my free Back to MAC lipsticks!
I just wish it came with a spray pump as it would make using the MAC Brush Cleanser so much easier. I know you could purchase a spray bottle from somewhere like Boots or Superdrug but I haven't bothered to do this.
And while we are on the subject of Boots and Superdrug, I am really surprised that they don't do their own version of brush cleanser! Because if they did and it was cheaper than the MAC one, I would definitely give it a try. But until they do, I will carry on repurchasing my trusted MAC Brush Cleanser
What do you think? Have you tried this product or are there any other brush cleansers you can buy on the high street? Let me know in the comments below!
Nuala xxx

Tag You're It

Hello Lovelies,
I've been tagged by Emma from Glossy Boutique and Rendee from Beauty By Ren to do the Tag You're It post.
These are the rules:
1. Answer the 11 questions set
2. Set 11 questions to the people you tag
3. Mention the blog who tagged you
Here are Emma's 11 questions and my answers:
What is your best memory from 2012?
My best memory from 2012 is going to the Battersea Collars and Coats Ball. I've done a whole post on it which you can read by clicking here.
If you could change one thing about 2012 what would it be? 
 If I could change one thing about last year, I wouldn't have been ill so often!
What is your favourite holiday destination?
Out of the places I been Orlando would have to be my favourite but I really wanna go to New York!
What is your job/career?
I'm an admin assistant
What do you hope for in 2013?
That Sephora opens in the UK and that they start selling Bioderma at Boots!
What product could you not live without?
Fake tan!
What's on your current wish list?
 Quite a few Benefit products. I'd like to get the Erase Paste Concealer, They're Real Mascara and Brow Zings brow kit. I also wanna buy the Sleek Storm palette!
Favourite Clothes Shop?
  That changes quite a lot but at the moment I'm loving Miss Selfridge
Favourite Blogger?
Tanya Burr! I love her blog and her YouTube videos and could buy every single product she recommends!
What are you most looking forward to in 2013?
 I haven't got any holiday plans or anything at the moment. I guess right now I'm mainly looking forward to getting paid at the end of the month cos I'm completely skint after Christmas!
Do you like tags?
 Yes I think they're good fun to read and take part in :)

And here are Rendee's questions and my answers (some of Ren's questions are the same as Emma's so I've only answered them once)
When did you start your blog?
 August 2012
What is your favorite thing about blogging?
 I love chatting to all the lovely beauty bloggers on Twitter. It's a great community to be part of and I am hoping to go to a Bbloggers meet up this year. It also makes my day when I get comments on my blog posts!
What is your favorite lipstick?
That changes all the time but at the moment I'm loving Cosmo by MAC
Favorite beauty brand?
Top 5 products of 2012?
 1. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish
2. Real Techniques Brushes
3. Revlon Kissable Balm Stains  
 4.Dior Amber Diamond
5.NARS Laguna Bronzer
What was your favorite Christmas gift?
My bottle of Bioderma, I love it! 
How tall are you?
3 things we don’t know about you? 
1. I had a ginger cat called Jessie but she sadly passed away in 2011
2. I completed the London Marathon in  2010 
3. I studied Tourism Management in Birmingham

And here are my 11 questions:
1. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
2. Who's your beauty icon?
3. What era of make up do you love the most (eg 20s, 60s, 80s etc)
4. If you could bring back one fashion trend from the past which one would it be?
5. What's your dream job / career?
6. Favourite Skin Care brand?
7.Which make up product do you wish was available in your country but it isn't?
8. What is the most you have ever spent on one make up item?
9. Favourite food?
10. What's your best beauty tip?
11. How old were you when you first got into make up?
And here are the 11 lovelies I am tagging!

 Sarah from  Writing and Rambling
 Sarah from Modern Damsel
Stacey from Expat Make-Up Addict 
Mel from Mirror on the Wall 
Alessia from Whispers from Angels 
Emily from One Way Beauty
 Aqeela from Diary of a MakeUp Geek
Leslie from Bravenezz

Nuala xxx

My Foundation Collection

Hello Lovelies,
I hope you are all having a great start to the new year!
I know a lot of Beauty Bloggers are doing the 100 day spending ban and I am looking forward to reading everyone's posts and updates. Good luck and fingers crossed if you are brave enough to attempt the challenge!
I completed Project 10 Pan last year, and there are quite a few bits I have on my shopping list, so I decided against joining in on the spending ban for now.
However I have decided that this year I will try to finish off some of my foundations before I buy any new ones. Like lots of Beauty Bloggers, I probably own a fair few more foundations than I actually need! 
 Make Up Forever HD Foundation 
This was on my wish list for ages after reading that this is the foundation that's used for TV and that it gives a flawless finish to the skin. 
I thought about ordering it online but there are so many colours in the range I found it impossible to decide which shade to pick. Then last year I found a little shop in Shepherd's Bush Called PAM (Precious About Make Up) that stocks this foundation. 
As a small side note, if you are ever in the area do check this shop out. It's an Aladdin's cave for make up and only about a 15 minute walk from Westfield
Anyway cut a long story short I was finally able to get my hands on this foundation. For reference, I'm NC30 in MAC and N127 in the MUFE HD Foundation. 
I love the packaging of this foundation and the fact that it has a pump. I'd say it light to medium buildable coverage. Personally I prefer medium to high coverage. I need about 3 full pumps of this to get the coverage I like. This also isn't as long wearing as I had hoped. I won't be repurchasing this but as it's quite an expensive foundation I really want to use my bottle up this year!

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation 
This foundation has medium coverage and a dewy finish. It's also quite long wearing. 
It's actually the wrong colour for me so it's gonna be quite difficult to use this up! 
I bought it in NW20 when I went fake tan less for about a month. I'm back on the fake tan now and the colour doesn't match me at all. 
Giving up fake tan is not an option, I look like Casper without it. So the only way I'm going to be able to use this up is my mixing it in with other foundations.
 Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
This is a very popular product amongst beauty bloggers. It's a full coverage foundation that's very highly pigmented. I like this foundation, and it looks great in pictures. I just wish it was longer wearing! I always need to powder my face several times a day when I have this on, even with a primer. It looks perfect when I put it on in the morning but sadly it doesn't last the whole day on me. 
 Estee Lauder Double Wear
This is one of my all time favourite foundations. It gives medium to full coverage and I always get compliments when I have this on! It's got more off a matt finish. I like my foundation slightly more dewy so I wear a luminous cream such as the MAC Strobe Cream underneath it and that gives it a really nice finish. 
The only downside to Estee Lauder Double Wear is that it doesn't photograph very well and can give a ghost like appearance in pictures which is due to the SPF in the foundation. This foundation could also do with having a pump, but the one from MAC fits perfectly on the Double Wear bottle (click here for the link)
  Clinique Even Better Foundation
This foundation gives medium coverage and feels really lightweight on the skin. I often forget I'm wearing foundation when I have this on! The downside to this foundation is the colour range. Most Clinique foundations seem to be pink toned rather than yellow toned. I think Clinique could really do with extending their colour range, just like Estee Lauder did with the Double Wear last year.
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation 
This is my favourite MAC foundation. It's got a gel like consistency and has medium to high coverage depending on how much you use. This foundation is also long wearing and looks great in pictures!

Well that's my foundation collection as it stands right now. 
I am going to try to use up the MAC Studio Sculpt, Laura Mercier Silk Creme, Estee Lauder Double Wear and MUFE  foundation before I buy any more.  
Are you trying to use up any products in your collection before you buy any more? If you are let me know what you're trying to use up!
Thank you for reading!
Nuala xxx

Christmas Haul

Hello Everyone,
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year! 
I'd like to start by saying Happy New Year to you all. I hope you had a lovely time last night, if you went out and stayed in, and that no ones feeling too hungover today.
I went to my friends house party last night which was really fun. I can't believe my 2 weeks off work are over already and like a lot of people I'm back in the office tomorrow!
Today was actually the first day in ages the weather has been quite nice and sunny, so I finally managed to take some pictures of the things I got for Christmas this year. 
 The present I got this year which I'm really excited about is the Bath and Body Works stuff my mum bought me back from Dubai. I'm sure all my American followers are familiar with Bath and Body Works. We used to have it here in the UK at some point in the 90s but sadly they closed down, together with Sephora. There is actually going round that Sephora will be opening some stores over here again which would be brilliant and probably also bankrupt me!
Well here are the goodies I got and all I can say is they are amazing!
I obviously haven't managed to try everything yet but the products I have used are great and they are very reasonably priced as well. If you are reading this live in a country that stocks Bath and Body Works, please let me know which other products you recommend as I'm gonna get my mum to pick up a few more bits from there next time she's visiting. 
 Another thing my mum picked up from Dubai for me is Bioderma and I am so excited to try this! I know it's a huge favourite amongst Beauty Bloggers. There's another rumour going round (ok so I have been hearing a lot of rumours on Twitter lately) that Boots are going to start stocking this in the UK this year which would be amazing!
I also got a shower cream from L'Occitane and a perfume by Nina Ricci called Ricci Ricci.

These shoes I bought with my Christmas money from my nan.
They're from Aldo. The leopard print pair on the left was on sale and the studded pair on the right wasn't. Both pairs are really comfortable especially as they are elasticated. These are my favourite type of pumps.
Another thing I got with my Christmas money was this gift set from Clarins.
The Clarins gift set contained a full size of their Multi-Active Day Cream (50ml) and a sample size of their Multi Active Night Cream (15ml) Skin Renewal Serum (10ml). This range is designed to combat the first fine lines and wrinkles of people in their early 30s and late 20s. I've tried these products before and I love them!
I don't usually get much make up for Christmas. Probably because I spend the whole year buying so much of it anyway! But here are the 2 make up items I got:
 I'd never heard of the Benefit California Kissin Smile Brightening Lip Gloss. I got it off my friend and she  loves this. I've tried it and really makes your teeth look brighter and tastes of toothpaste. Don't be alarmed of the blue colour though. It comes out very sheer on the lips and tingles slightly as well. The blue tones are what brightens your teeth.
There's a little story behind the Laura Mercier Eye Basics primer. I actually bought this for my mum as she's had my MAC Painterly Paint Pot for ages. I thought I'd get her this and take my paint pot back because I miss having it in my collection. But my mum told me to keep the Laura Mercier eye primer as she prefers my MAC Paint Pot. 
Well that's it for my Christmas Haul. I hope you've enjoyed reading it, I know I loved having a nosey at everyone else's.
Finally I'd like to wish all my readers all the best for 2013, I hope it's a lucky one for everyone. Do any of you have any New Years Resolutions? If so what are they?
Nuala xxx
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