October Favourites

Hey Lovelies, 

Well it's the end of the October which means it's time for a round up of the products everyone's been loving this month!


Lush Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease Treatment  
 You apply this to your hair when it's dry, leave it on for 20 minutes and then shampoo and condition as usual. I've been using this as a weekly treatment and I love it. It leaves my hair feeling moisturised and less frizzy, which is great, especially with the muggy weather we've been having lately! Even though it's got henna in it, it won't make your hair red. This product is recommended for brunettes.

Redken Align 12 Protective Straightening Lotion
I got this in my September Joliebox and it's the best product I've ever received from a Beauty Box! I apply it to my hair while it's damp before blow drying. My hair has never felt so smooth and sleek! When this runs out I will definitely be purchasing the full size version!

Lip Products

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
I have done a full review on these which you can read my clicking here. These products are natural looking and very long wearing.
The colours I have are Honey and Crush
Honey is great for a busy day in the office or at school/college. It's a really natural peachy pink colour.
Crush is a berry colour. It's a lot more pigmented than Honey and great for autumn. With this colour I find that you need moisturised lips as it can be a little drying, but it's great if you would  like to try out darker colours and are not quite brave enough!
MAC Lipstick in Spirit
This is a very pigmented colour that's on the dark side of nude. It's slightly brown. I like it because it's long wearing and moisturising on the lips. Spirit is a satin lipstick so it's got quite a matte finish.

  Cheek Products

Dior Amber Diamond
I have done a full review on this which you can read by clicking here. I love this and I have been using it every day in October.
NARS Laguna Bronzer
This is the perfect bronzer and I always go back to it. Even though it's a satin finish it's great for contouring. This product is really finely milled and never looks muddy. You can build it up to make the colour more intense and I think it would suit most skin tones. This month I have been using it for contouring, but it can be also used as an all over bronzer.
MAC Blush in Fever
I think this is the perfect autumn/fall blush. It looks like a deep berry colour in the pan, but it gives you a really health looking flush to your cheeks. It is really pigmented, which means you need the tiniest amount on your brush and a light hand when applying it. 


MAC 266 Brush
I love this brush for filling in my eyebrows. The bristles are quite dense but the brush it not too thick, so it gives you a really precise application on your brows.
MAC Mystery Eye Shadow
I think this is the perfect brow colour for brunettes! It's quite dark, but it does not give you the dreaded black 'Sharpie' eyebrows. My brows look defined but still natural when I use this, and I haven't been using any other colour on my brows!


MAC Studio Fix Fluid
I discovered this foundation in my collection. I've only got a tiny bit left of it so I am tryimg to finish it up. Even though this foundation does smell slightly of paint, it's still a really good product and great for the colder months. MAC Studio Fix Fluid is medium to full coverage, but it still looks natural on the skin. It's also long-wearing and moisturising.When this bottle runs out I may well end up getting another one!

Eye Shadows

It wasn't really a particular eyeshadow I've been loving this month, it's been any gold eyeshadows. I don't know because it's the season and all the leaves in the trees are going golden. Gold is the main colour I've been reaching for this month for my eyes, and Half Baked from Urban Decay, as well as MAC Melon pigment and MAC Amber Lights eye shadow have been favourites of mine this month!

Well I hope you've enjoyed this post and thank you for reading! What have been your October favourites?

Nuala xxx

MAC Pro Sculpting Creams

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all having a nice weekend!

For those of you who read my MAC and Boots Haul, you will know that I purchased a couple of the MAC Pro Sculpting Creams.
1. Accentuate
2. Copper Beech
3. Coffee Walnut

 These creams are part of their Face and Body collection.

I was really excited about these creams, and I didn't even realise they are limited edition!

What I found great about the MAC Pro Sculpting Creams is that they are different to any other product MAC do. A lot of the time with the new collections they bring out, it's just different colours of product they already do (for example a limited edition lipstick).

I ended up buying 3 of these. The MAC artist at my local MAC counter tried the colour Copper Beech on me and I loved the way it looked. Sadly it was sold out at the counter so I ended up getting it online. 

I also bought Naturally Defined online as I thought it would make a nice highlight colour. When I received it though it looked too dark for a highlight. I took it back to my MAC counter and they let me swap it for Accentuate. I thought it was really nice that they let me exchange the product even though I had bought it online. I also picked up Coffee Walnut while I was there.

Here are the colours swatched on my arm:
 As you can see the colours are highly pigmented, but they blend out really well. 
I apply these using my MAC 215 brush and blend it out with my Real Techniques contour brush.

Both Copper Beech and Coffee Walnut make amazing contour colours that really bring out your cheekbones. Accentuate is a really nice highlight colour.

These products are a cream to powder formula. The colours are quite sheer but you can build them up to make them more intense. 

They do last quite well throughout the the day but I wouldn't say they are a long-wearing product, which is perhaps their only down side.

I did tweet about the fact that I think MAC should make these permanent, and they replied saying my comment would be passed on. 
The MAC Pro Sculpting Creams are a really unique product and I love that they make my cheekbones look a lot more defined.

The only colour that is sold out online is Coffee Walnut, but all other colours are still available.

Have any of you tried these? What are your favourite products for contouring and highlighting?

Nuala xxx

October Joliebox

Hey Lovelies,

I hope you are all well!

I was very excited on Saturday when I got back from the gym and found that the postman had left my October Joliebox on the doorstep.  I was actually quite surprised that the Jolieboxes get sent out so late in the month.
The theme for the October Joliebox is  Pure and Natural and it comes in an elegant black box.
Here's what I got:

Balance Me Face Moisturiser
This  is a 10ml sample. This moisturiser protects your skin against harsh environmental factors. I wouldn't really buy the full size of this, as I prefer anti ageing moisturisers (I'm nearly 32), but I do think mini moisturisers like this are great for when you are staying away from home for a few night and don't want to pack your bulky full size moisturisers.
Lov Organic Herbal Tea
You get 6 sachets of organic tea in muslin tea bags. I'm not a tea drinker (I don't actually like any hot drinks), These do however smell quite nice and contain yummy ingredients like peach and mango. Maybe I'll give them a try, if not I'll probably pass them onto my mum. She's a tea drinker and I'm sure she'd like these!
Jason Bee Healthier Lip Balm Stick
This reminds me a bit of Burt's Bees. At first I thought this product is not for me, but then I read that it's made in the USA.  I'm very excited to get sent products made in the USA, they have such great brands out there! This is nice, and lip balm always comes in handy.
MOA The Green Balm   
This is a tiny sample perfect to keep in your handbag. It reminds me a little bit of Vicks Vapor Rub, but it's not as intense. It's very moisturising. I will use it as a lip balm.
Ritessens Cleanser or Exfoliant
This is a French brand. The product contains Argan Oil and tiny little exfoliating beads. I wouldn't call this a cleanser. It's more of a facial scrub. I'm looking forward to trying this as French skincare is brillant. This is also the largest sample I have ever got in a beauty box (125ml).
This months Joliemag also features the beautiful Fleur from Fleur de Force.

This is my second Joliebox and I'm still very impressed. I can use all the products I've been sent. As my September Joliebox contained a lip product (a Balmi lip balm), and this months Joliebox has a lip product in it (the Jason Bee Healthier Lip Balm Stick), as well as another product I can use on the lips (MOA The Green Balm), I am hoping that next months Joliebox will not have a lip balm type product in it.    

I'm still really impressed with Joliebox though. I am already excited for my November Joliebox and will definitely sign up for another 3 months to see what their December box will be like. I am hoping it will have a Chrismassy theme!

Are any of you signed up to any beauty boxes? If you've done a post on your October box please link it in the comments below as I love seeing what everyone gets!

Nuala xxx


My Skincare Routine

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are well and having a good week! 

This post is about my skincare routine.
 I'm 31 years old, but I still get ID'd all the time and people who don't know me often assume I'm in my mid 20s which is quite nice!

I have been cleansing, toning and moisturising since my early 20s. One of the 1st things I got with my first paycheck after college was acrylic nails, and some Clinique skincare!

I do think it's paid off that I've looked after my skin, but I also think genes have a lot to do with it. I used to be addicted to sunbeds from when I was about 20-25. (Now I'm addicted to fake tan instead). I'm still dreading the day I wake up looking like a shrivelled prune, but so far this has not happened to me and I can only put it down to more luck than brains and good genes. 
Me aged 30


It takes me about 30 mins to paint my face in the morning, so I like to keep my skincare routine quite quick.
I use the This Works 5-in-1 Water. It's a rosewater cleanser that also tones the skin. I think multi purpose products like that are great for when you're in a hurry.
Currently I'm using the Estee Lauder Day Wear moisturiser. I'm never really loyal to one particular brand when it comes to moisturiser. This will last me about 6 months before I can go shopping and pick a new one.


My evening skin care routine takes a bit longer. I wear a lot of make up, so I like to make sure I get it all off in the evening as it helps to keep my skin clear.

I use the Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 Make up Remover to remove some of the make up from my eyes and face. 

I've currently got the Princes Trust Special Edition one. It's got a lavender scent. Personally, I prefer the original as I don't really like the smell of lavender, but it does feel really soothing on the skin. Also, when you purchase this product Liz Earle donate £2 to the Prince's Trust charity which is great!

I still wash my face after using the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I know that's a lot of product to cleanse my face, but I do wear a ton of make up on a daily basis! I really like the Clinique Wash Away Gel Cleanser. I don't usually use a high end cleanser, but I decided to treat myself and ended up really loving this one!

About 3 times a week I exfoliate my skin. I don't do it every day because I am worried it might be too harsh on my skin, and the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
exfoliates your skin too! The product you can see in the picture is the Avene Gentle Puriyfing Scrub.

After I have sucessfully removed all the slap from my face, I tone. The toner I'm using at the moment is the Lancome Softening and Hydrating Toner. I got this as a free gift when I bought a moisturiser from them. When buying high end products, I think it's always worth it to keep a look out for products as you can get a lot of free luxury samples! So always keep a look out to see what they are offering.

I have been using serums on my skin for years. The one I am using is the Clarins Multi Active Skin Renewal Serum. This helps combat the early signs of wrinkles, which is kind of important when you're my age. Clarins also do moisturising serums and pore minimising serums, which are great if your in your twenties and a brilliant Christmas present idea! I used them throughout my twenties. They smell amazing and feel great on the skin. Judging by the fact that I have little or few wrinkles, they must work!

Lastly I have a night time moisturiser and and eye cream. Both of the ones I've got at the moment are from Bobbi Brown. I like having a different day and night cream. Night creams are generally more nourishing and work while you are sleeping. Also, they don't contain any SPF. This is quite useful if you're having your picture taken as products with SPF in them can sometimes wash you out and give you that ghost like appearance in pictures.

I love the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream. It leaves the eye area moisturised for up to 24 hours (which is why I use it once a day). It's really lightweight and gentle. I accidentally poked myself in the eye once using this, and it didn't sting at all!

Most of these products are available at Boots. I always stock up on skincare when I have double points vouchers.

Well that's it for my skincare routine! Have you tried these products? And I need recommendations for a new toner please as I've almost run out of the one I'm currently using.

Nuala xxx

MAC and Boots Haul

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you've all had a good week! I'd like to  start by saying sorry for not posting anything for a while. The weather had been really rubbish in England, and I've been back at work as well, which meant it's been quite difficult to get good pictures!

I've finally managed to catch a bit of daylight though so I can finally put up my haul post! For those of you that read my Stupid MS and a Haul post, you will know that I wasn't able to go shopping cos I couldn't walk properly. Since having the steroids I've thankfully improved a lot, and one of the first things I did was go to Boots and MAC on a little shopping spree.

Boots currently have 3 for 2 on all make up and this is what I got (sadly high end brands are not included in the 3 for 2 promotion)
Clinique Chubby Stick in Bountiful Blush
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey
L'Oreal Caresse Lipstick in Sweet Berry
Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer
A lot of stuff in Boots had sold out, which is probably because of the promotion they are running at the moment and possibly a good thing as I would have probably bought a lot more if my local  Boots had been fully stocked.

Livi from Beau Maquillagex asked me on Twitter to put up a comparison review on the Clinique and Revlon products. I will be posting this soon!

After Boots I went to MAC and this is what I picked up there:
 MAC Pro Sculpting Cream in Copper Beech 
MAC Pro Sculpting Cream in Accentuate
MAC Eye Shadow in Sumptuous Olive

I'm really glad I ended up going to MAC as the Pro Sculpting Creams are limited edition and part of the Face and Body Collection. I didn't realise this so I'm really glad I managed to buy them before they are sold out! Copper Beech is a contour colour, and Accentuate is a highlight colour.

 I am really excited to try these products!
Have any of you tried any of these products or been to Boots and taken advantage of their 3 for 2 offer? If so let me know what you got!

Nuala xxx

My First Joliebox

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you all had a nice weekend and a good start to the week!

For those of you who read my Glossybox Review, you will know that I was wondering which Beauty Box to try out after my Glossybox subscription ran out.

After doing a bit of research and reading lots of lovely blog posts, I decided to go for Joliebox!

Joliebox is a beauty box subscription service. For £10.00 per month (plus postage and packing), you get 4-5 luxury beauty samples sent to you. Joliebox is part of the American Birchbox company. They have a monthly, a 3 month and a yearly subscription option. If you sign up for a year, you get 2 boxes free.

I signed up at the end of September for 3 months and last week I received my first Joliebox. I received the September box  (even though we are already in October), but I was really happy about that!

I think it's a great box and I will use all the products I was sent!
The products come in a green and red box. Inside the box there is a little black bag which has the products in it. You also get a monthly magazine that has all kinds beauty tips and product reviews in it. This month there's also an interview with the lovely Sammi from BeautyCrush which I really enjoyed reading!

Here are the products I received:
Balmi Lip Balm
I love this! I was actually on the look out for one of these. Apparently they are sold at Boots but every time I went in there I couldn't find them so I was really excited to get one in my Joliebox! The flavour I got is raspberry. It's very moisturising, tastes great and leaves a nice sheen on the lips. It also contains SPF15.
Twistband Hair Tie
These are hair ties that don't leave kinks in your hair. Again another product I love! It's so annoying when I spend ages straightening my hair, tying it back and ending up with a massive kink in it. I've used these and they work! When you take them out of your hair there's no annoying bumps in it!
Redken Protective Straightening Lotion
I've not tried this yet, but Redken is a brand I love. My hair is naturally curly and I straighten it daily, so I am sure this will come in very handy. It's also quite a generous size (30ml).
I Love Coconut Face Mask
This is a moisturising face mask.
DR Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant
This is an exfoliant. I got 2 small sachets so I think they will come in very handy for travelling.

I'm very impressed with these products and looking forward to receiving my next Joliebox! I definitely prefer this to Glossybox. I think the Glossybox packaging is really nice, but I was quite often disappointed with the content as I didn't feel it matched the on line profile I filled out when I signed up with them. A lot of the products I received from Glossybox I won't use, but I will definitely be using everything I received in my first Joliebox!

What do you think? Have you signed up to any beauty boxes? If you have, let me know which one your favourite is in the comments below!

Nuala xxx

Dior Amber Diamond Review

Hello Lovelies!

Hope you're all well and that you've a good week at work, college, uni school etc!

Doing Project 10 Pan made me shop my make up collection and really think about which products I would like to get once my make up buying ban was over, and Dior Amber Diamond was top of my list!
I first heard of this product whilst watching Tanya Burr's videos on YouTube. She uses it in so many of her tutorials and it always looks so lovely on her that I had to get it!

I ordered it on line from Debenhams. It's quite a pricey product (£32.00 for 10g of product), but having tried it I think it's well worth it and better than any other highlighter I own!
On the packaging Dior call it an "Ultra Shimmering All Over Face Powder". I disagree with the "all over face" part. It's far too shimmery to apply all over your face, but as a highlight on the top of your cheekbones it looks beautiful. It's shimmery without being glittery and catches the light perfectly. The colours can also be used individually as a eye shadows, or a brow and inner corner highlight.

It comes with a velvet pouch that has Dior embossed onto it. I am not too sure if I will use the velvet pouch though as I think it would get dirty really quickly. Velvet and make up don't mix!

This is a beautiful product. You get 5 different shimmering shades you can use either individually or together.
The first shade is a shimmery white powder, The second shade is more of a champagne colour. Shade 3 is the darkest shade. It's a light tan colour. Shade 4 is a bronze colour and shade 5 is a peachy colour.

For reference, I'm fake tanned and my skin tone is NC30 in MAC, so that's how the colours come up on me. I am applying this using my MAC 130 brush. It's a dense stippling brush, quite similar to the Real Techniques stippling brush.

I love the texture of this product. It's a powder product that feels silky and blends perfectly

Here are the colours blended together:
There's a rumour going round that Dior are discontinuing this product. I really hope that's not true!  I love using it and am really glad I bought it. Even though it is expensive, I am sure it will last me ages.

And with Christmas coming up, I think this would be a great product to put on your Christmas list, or to buy for someone who loves make up! 

Have any of you guys tried this? What's your favourite highlighting product?

Nuala xxx

100 Follower Giveaway - Closed

Hello Lovelies,

Thank you for all of you who entered my 100 follower giveaway. 

Rafflecopter chose the winner at random today and it's Julie from Oh So Kansas.

A massive congratulations to Julie and thank you to everyone who took part. I have read all your comments on the  post and it's given me lots of good ideas for my blog so thank you so much for your comments!

Julie let me know your address so I can post you your prize (MAC 109 brush). You can send me a DM on Twitter or email me.

Again a massive thank you to everyone who follows my blog, reads my posts and leaves me comments, I love chatting to you all on here and on Twitter and I will definitely do another giveaway for you all again!

 Nuala xxx


Bargain Make Up Brush Conditioner!

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you've all had a nice day!

Just a quick post from me this evening. 

I was doing my food shopping at Sainsbury's this weekend and picked up some Johnson's Baby Shampoo for my make up brushes. (I used the one I already had all up - you can read about it in my September Empties post).

I was quite happy that the Johnson's baby shampoo was on offer (£1.78 for 500ml) as it's what I always use to wash my make up brushes. Next to the shampoo I spotted the Johnson's Baby Conditioner which was also on offer for £1.85 (200ml).

I've never used conditioner on my make up brushes before. I use olive oil on my concealer and foundation brushes  so they are always nicely conditioned. (You can read more about that in my How I Clean my Make Up Brushes post).

Some of my powder brushes have been starting the feel a bit rough though.

I don't really wanna use my own conditioner on my brushes as I'm worried it may be too harsh.

This seemed great and I had never spotted it before. It's really gentle as it's suitable for babies and smells lovely and clean without being heavily perfumed.

What I really like about this is the nozzle though as it' s perfect for make up brushes!
The nozzle means don't over saturate your brush in conditioner, and just one or two squirts are enough to condition your brush perfectly.
I've used it on my MAC 129 brush (which was 1 of my brushes that was starting to feel a bit rough).

It's really easy, all you do is squirt a bit of conditioner onto the brush, lay it on a flat surface for a few minutes then rinse. Once my brush had dried it felt so much softer!
I may even use this as a conditioning treatment, so simply leaving it on for a bit longer before rinsing my brushes.

Have any of you tried this? If not and you're looking for a great make up brush conditioner, I can really recommend this one!

Nuala xxx
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