What's in my Handbag

Hello Lovelies,

Happy hump day! Yay it's finally Wednesday and 2 more days till  the weekend. Thought I'd celebrate this fact by bringing you the 'What's in my Handbag' post.

When my kitten Billie was only a few weeks old, I made the mistake of putting her in my handbag........

.........And now she thinks she belongs there!

 This is my handbag. It's from Guess and I got it from Guess at Westfield when they had a sale on earlier in the year.

And this is the entire contents of my bag. (Spot the cat...) As you can tell I'm quite messy!

Here's the junk I carry around with me broken down for you:

Random bits of paper. Don't ask me what they are, it's just an assortment of rubbish and receipts that I need to go through and bin after I'm done posting this!
 Next we have various beauty items.
They are a Radox deodorant, a Clarins Hand Cream, MAC Fix Plus, a Hand Sanitiser from Lidl and an Ointment Cream that's handy for paper cuts, dry lips, sunburn etc.

Next is my wallet which was a combined Birthday/Christmas present (as my birthday is in December)
 And here's my travel card, my Oyster card and house keys.
If you follow me on Twitter you will notice I go on about TFL (Transport for London) quite a bit...

This is all the make up I carry around with me. Quite an unnecessary amount I know!
The brush is a limited addition mini 129 from MAC which I love because I don't like using the little sponges that come with pressed powders.  

I keep all my make up in that little black bag that I got as part of a gift set a few years ago. 

Both MAC powders I've got in there I haven't managed to smash yet (check out my post on Broken Make Up for more info). The MAC bronzer is in Solar Riche but I think it was limited edition. It's not that great anyway which is why I keep it in my bag. 

The other powder is a MAC Studio Careblend pressed powder which is really nice for touching up your make up throughout the day).

Oh and the Barry M Lipgloss I've got in there is there clear one and I love it! It smells and tastes like holiday. If you don't know what I mean check it out next time you're in Boots or Superdrug.

Here are my sunglasses. Don't really keep them in my bag in the winter though. Probably  replace them with gloves when it gets colder.

And finally we have miscellaneous junk!
It's my phone and headphones, a lighter, some Tic Tacs, a hair tie, a Union Jack chocolate and a perfume sample I got in my Glossybox (Review on that coming soon!)

 Well that's it for my handbag! I hope you've enjoyed this post. Let me know if you've done a 'What's in my Handbag' post too and link it in the comments bit so I can have a look!

Nuala xxx

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  1. OMG your cat is sooooo cute :)

    Tanesha x

  2. Thanks hon, she is and she loves handbags :) xxx

  3. I love the sunglasses and your Hello Kitty mirror.


  4. The purse is beautiful :) <3

    India www.thejewelbeauty.blogspot.co.uk

    Benefit Cosmetics Giveaway #6 days left!

    1. thanks hon, Santa was very generous that christmas :) xx

  5. Oh my god the absolute cuteness of your cat

    1. thanks hon, and she's got great taste in handbags! ;) xx

  6. Hey honey, your kitten is adorable!! I could swap her for one of mine if you like ;-)
    I've got a 'what's in my make-up bag' post to put up, I carry round a stupid amount of make-up lol! xxx


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