Rimmel Traffic Stopping Eyeshadow Review

Hello Lovelies,

As part of my haul I bought the Rimmel Traffic Stopping eye shadow trio in Over the Limit.

I chose this shadow because the lovely Tanya Burr used it in her Miley Cyrus make up tutorial, and I loved the look she created with it!

First thing I'd like to say about this is that the packaging is extremely fiddly to open! It took me ages just to open the little pallet, but once you figure out how it opens it's fine.

It comes with a sponge tip applicator (I never use these though, always use brushes), and you get 3 colours in the pallet.
These shadows can be used wet or dry and on the back of the pallet there are instructions on how to apply the shadows.

You get 3 dome shaped, baked shadows.

The golden colour is the lid colour, the brown colour is for the crease and the outer corner and the lightest colour is the highlight colour. 

Tanya Burr's look using this is slightly different to that though, so do check out her video to see how she uses this pallet!

I compared the colours in this eyeshadow trio to my MAC shadows and discovered they are  pretty good dupes for MAC eye shadows!
The MAC shadow is on my top finger, the Rimmel shadow is on the bottom one.
 MAC Shroom
 MAC Amber Lights
MAC Mulch
You can't really tell by these pictures, but the MAC Shadows are a lot more pigmented than the Rimmel ones.

I had to apply quite a lot of the Rimmel eye shadow in order to get the same colour pay off as with the MAC shadows.

Here I've swatched the Rimmel shadows again, this time quite lightly though. As you can see the colours are quite sheer.
The colours are really pretty, but I don't think the pigmentation of these shadows is as great as I'd hoped for. I will definitely be using a primer with this eye shadow trio!

However this little pallet is still pretty good value. I bought it for £4.99 from Superdrug, and I will definitely be using it to try to recreate Tanya Burr's gorgeous Miley Cyrus look! 
What do you think? And have any of you tried any of the Rimmel Traffic Stopping shadows?

Let me know in the comments below, and I hope you found this review helpful!

Nuala xxx

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  1. Does anybody use those horrible little sponge applicators? Lol. Lovely read :) x

    1. Thanks hon! Only person I know who uses them is my old dear lol ;) xx

  2. You chose a pretty one and they are all very similar to the MAC ones you showed! I really want to try some MAC eye shadows but haven't so far.

    Chelle x

    1. Def do if you can hon they're great! My favourite MAC ones are Woodwinked and Antiqued :) xx

  3. Good dupes for the MAC shadows! Not a bad palette for the price.

    Now following you.


  4. These are such beautiful colours! After my spending ban, I may be picking these up :D xx

    1. Thanks lovely! Used ti for the first time today, needed to build to colour up but with Too Faced Shadow insurance it lasted all day and didn't crease at all! :) xxx


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