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Hey lovelies,

I own way to many make up brushes. I think I went through a phase of buying a new make up brush every time I went shopping, and now my collection has gone a little OTT,

Anyways, I decided to bring you a brush overview. I'm going to break these reviews down into Eyeshadow Brushes, Concealer Brushes, Foundation Brushes etc and I hope you find it useful if you are thinking of investing in some MAC brushes but not sure which ones to get!

First brush I'll start with is the MAC 227.

If you're new to MAC and thinking of investing in MAC brushes, I wouldn't say this is a must have brush.

 It's very dense, and it can apply colour very quickly all over your lid or be used to highlight under your brows or your cheeks.

As it's quite big, the application isn't very precise and MAC have many other brushes that I prefer to this one.

Here we have the MAC 219 pencil brush. A perfect dupe for this brush is the Number 7 Smokey Eyeliner Brush. And if you've got a  Number 7 voucher from Boots, this brush can be your for only £2.50!

The MAC 210 is nice, but by no means unique or a must-have brush for me.

Here's my brow brushes. I've got the MAC 266. This is a small angle brush.
The only brush I use on my brows is the Real Techniques Brow Brush, which I featured in my August favourites.
A good dupe for the MAC 266 is the Ruby and Millie Angled Eye brush. I've had it for years and it's probably half the price. I use either of these to set my eyeliner on my waterline with eyeshadow, and both work fine, so I don't think I really needed to get the MAC 266...

Onto Eyeliner brushes. Really don't like the Real Techniques one as it's far too thick for Eyeliner!

The MAC 210 works much better, but it's probably quite easy to find a dupe for it as you can see here. 

One's the MAC 210, the other one is just a random eyeliner brush I have. Not sure where it's from but it's probably not very difficult to find a dupe for the MAC 210...


The MAC 242 shader brush is recommended for concealers or cream eye shadows, but I have quite a few brushes that are similar to it including the MAC 242 and I don't use any of them. Also, I prefer using synthetic brushes like the Real Techniques ones for concealer. Here's my little collection...

One of my all time favourite MAC brushes is the MAC 222. Shame on you MAC for discontinuing it! It's the perfect crease brush and I use it every day. If you ever manage to find one I'd definitely recommend getting it cos it's amazing!


A similar brush to the 222 brush is the MAC 217 blending brusg brush. This brush is amazing and if you don't already have one I'd definitely recommend investing in one! I use this brush to apply eyeshadow on my lid and to buff and blend the edges, and it works beautifully.

A similar brush to the 217 is said to be the Number 7 Eyeshadow Blend and Contour brush. Again, if you have a Boots Number 7 voucher you can get it for £2.50, but the MAC one is honestly a million times better. The bristles are a lot more dense on the MAC one, allowing for much better blending.

 I actually think the Number 7 Blend and Contour brush is a lot more like the  MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush than the 217. If you're on a budget and can only get one brush from MAC, get the 217! The 224 is nice too, but the 217 is a lot more unique and  versatile.
Another MAC brush I love is the MAC 239. It's a flat shader brush and I use it every day to apply eyeshadow onto my lid. It's soft and really packs on the colour perfectly. A lot better than the MAC 242 I mentioned earlier. 

I also love the MAC 228. This mini shader brush the perfect brush for highlighting your inner coroner and applying eyeshadow underneath your bottom lashes. It gives a neat and precise application.

Here are my 3 all time favourite must-have MAC eyeshadow brushes together. From the top you've got the 239, the 228 and the 217. If you'd like to get some MAC brushes, these are the ones I'd recommend as a starter kit.

2 random Mac eye shadow brushes I own are the MAC 275, which is an angled shader brush, and the MAC 214 short shader brush. I rarely reach for these 2 brushes.The bristles on the 214 ( the one on the bottom) are too short and too dense. I wouldn't recommend buying either of those 2 brushes over my favourite must-haves I mentioned.

And just a small side note, MAC don't do any brushes that are pink at the bottom, I painted them with nail polish so that's why they look like that.

Well I hope you're all having a nice weekend and that you've found this overview helpful!

Nuala xxx

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