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Hey lovelies,

3 months ago I signed up with Glossybox for a 3 month subscription. This was the only treat I allowed myself during Project 10 Pan.

My initials thoughts on Glossybox were what's the point in paying over £10 a month to get a beauty box with sample sized products sent to me. Surely I could pick up freebies with magazines or at beauty counters.

But after thinking about it for ages, and reading various blog reviews and watching countless YouTube videos on it, I decided to sign up. Plus I really had my eye on the HD Brows kit they sometimes send out with their Glossyboxes. Sadly, I didn't get one of those but I am still glad I signed up and that I got to see what Glossybox is all about! 

I got to try out products I would have never heard of before, some of which I liked more than others.

When I signed up to Glossybox, I got my first box pretty quick, within a week I think. Here's what was in it:

 Jelly Pong Pong Lip Frosting 
This smells and tastes absolutely gorgeous! Not that keen on the colour though, but I am still using this product
Kryolan Satin Powder
 This is a lovely pigment in a champagne colour. I have used it for highlighting my inner corner when I do my eyes, but as I already own quite a lot of pigments anyway this wasn't a stand out product for me
Paul Mitchell Texturising Sea Spray
This product was a bit of a disappointment for me. I like wearing my hair smooth and sleek, and as I've got medium length hair, I don't think it would look any good on me. But generally I do like Paul Mitchell products, so will probably end up giving this to a friend
Monu Calming Skin Specialist
 This is a green tinted cream that helps reduce redness and inflammation. Wasn't thrilled by this product, but then again maybe it's not really for me as I wear enough foundation and concealer to cover up any redness I have
Collin Regenerating Collagen Gel 
I broke out when I first used this but am willing to give it another go as I love using serums and gels, and anything else that promises to delay the signs of ageing! 
Elizabeth Arden Skincare Samples 
I liked this. It came in very handy when I went away for a weekend. The sample contained a cleanser, a serum and a moisturiser and was just enough a weekend away.

Here is my August Glossbox:
I was really disappointed with this box!
Eyeshadow pallet 
This is the worst thing I have ever seen! The colour pay off is so poor, and I'm not keen on the colours either! I think this pallet is so bad I couldn't even give it to a friend!  
 is something I used years ago (in the 90s...). I remember not liking it then so I wouldn't want to try it again now. Will probably give this away as well
Glossybox Lipstick
This lippy is a nice colour, however I don't think it's very moisturising on the lips. Also, mine arrived broken so I was not too impressed!
 Valentino Perfume Sample
This smells nice, I keep it in my handbag. Made me remember when my cousin and me were little and used to trawl all the counters in department stores trying to get as many of these free samples as we could!
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
Even though I was very disappointed with this Glossybox, the DHC Cleansing Oil is the best thing I received from Glossybox! It's the first time I've tried an oil cleanser, and it's amazing at removing dirt and make up, without even making your skin feel oily.
Think I would definitely buy the full size version of this!
 Pro White Original Nail Polish
Again I wasn't too pleased with this, mainly because I get Shellac done on my nails about every 3 weeks. I have no use for nail polishes, which I did tell Glossybox when I filled in their on line questionnaire about what products I'd be interested in trying.

This is my September Glossybox.
Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance
Been wanting to try this so happy to get a small sample of it
Rodial Snake Serum and 5 Minute Facial
 Not tried this yet but not too keen on the idea of snake serum though. May give it to a friend to try instead...
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
Tried this on this morning, I would say it's ok but nothing special. Will end up using it though for the sake of it, and eye creams are always handy to have.
Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Serum
I am very excited to try this, and if I like it and it works I'll probably end up buying the full size version, if I don't like it at least I got the chance to sample it first.
Biosilk Silk Therapy
I am very happy to receive this. It's a leave in treatment that helps moisturise and restructure hair. I've got pretty dry hair, and am willing to give anything a go that will help improve it's condition!

And here is someone who thoroughly enjoyed receiving my Glossybox every month!
Well, my final thoughts on Glossybox are that it's a fun way to send yourself a surprise present every month, but do not expect to enjoy everything in your box. 

Some of the products are certainly better than others and not everything you get is tailored to your needs. (Even though Glossybox ask you to fill out a questionnaire when you sign up!) 

The sample sizes are really handy for those of you who travel a lot or go on weekends away!

I really wish Glossybox did a swap service, allowing subscribers to swap products before they receive their boxes. Maybe that would be a way to make sure everyone is happy with the entire content of their box?
So I need a bit of advice from you guys now. What are you all doing with your empty boxes? I've got 3 empty Glossyboxes and need some good ideas please!

Even though I don't think I am going to sign up to Glossybox again for a while at least, but I have definitely caught the beauty box buzz.

Really want to try out Joliebox (especially after finding out they are our equivalent to the US Birchbox) and She Said Beauty next. Have any of you tried either of them? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below so I can decide which one to sign up to first!

Nuala xxx

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  1. I had all the same as you did with these boxes, my eye shadow palette was broken when it arrived which was rubbish. The latest box was quite good but I generally think Glossybox isn't that great and am thinking of changing to joliebox next time! x
    Claire x

    1. Yea I agree with you, some products were nice and it was fun receiving the boxes, but def trying Joliebox or She Said Beauty next. Seems a lot of people been getting stuff from Glossybox that arrives broken, but if you let them know they will replace it for you :) xxx

  2. I really love subscription services. You get to try brands that you've never heard of or are generally out of your price range. But just like you said, there's definitely the chance that you won't like everything you receive. Your kitty is so cute btw! As for what you can do with your empty Glossybox boxes, you can use them to store things like makeup, important papers. They add a cute little touch because of their design :)

    XO Wendy

    1. Thanks for commenting hon! Yea I think they are good fun, think I'm trying Joliebox next after reading this review:

      Aww thank you, my kitten's called Billie she is only 6 months old and lots of fub :) xx

  3. Your cat has to be the cutest thing on earth haha love that pic!
    I subscribed to Glossybox for about 3 months last year and have never been quite content so I've decided to cancel my subscription. Douglas has a subscription service over here as well where you can choose 4/5 samples every month (plus one set product everyone gets) before they send out the boxes which is pretty great imo. But I'd rather spend my money on things I really want to try instead. Nice to hear everyone's opinions on it though! xx

    1. Aww thanks hon! she is very cute still a kitten only 6 months old :)
      The Douglas subscription sounds a lot better if you can chose your samples (rather than getting stuff you won't really use)! I know what you mean bout getting things you really need though. Joliebox looks great though seen some amazing reviews on it. Do you have that in DE? Think I'm gonna give it a try next :) xxx

    2. So cute! :) As far as I know they don't have Joliebox but another service called Pinkbox or something but I guess they all amount to the same thing! I've seen Joliebox on various blogs, the design of the box is not as pretty haha but the content seems more appealing! Looking forward to a review if you'll try Joliebox :) xx

    3. Yea you're prob right they are all quite similar and you get similar stuff, even though I was a bit disappointed with GB. Will def put up a review once I subscibe to Joliebox and let you know what I think :) xx

  4. Awww your cat is so cute! Great review on Glossybox, I used to sub to them a while back but ended up cancelling because I was getting too many products that I just wasn't using. I currently sub to Joliebox and like that a lot more!

    There is a beauty box swappers (BBS) group on Facebook where people swap samples for things they want so that might be worth checking out :) x

    1. Thanks hon! I know what you mean about getting too many products you just don't use, so I'm quite glad I only subscribed to GB for only 3 months! I saw your review on Joliebox it looks great! Can't wait to try them out! Ohh and thank you for for letting me know about the beauty box swappers group on facebook, I will check them out! xxx

  5. the products looks quite good! I am subscribed into birchbox and it's amazing, I really like it! Thanks for sharing your blog link through twitter! You have a super cute blog, love the makeup storage idea, you can't go wrong with pink! XOXO


    MayT Essentials

    1. thanks lovely, glad you like! so jealous about Birchbox it looks amazing! you get so many amazing make up brands in the US! gonna give Joliebox (which is the UK version of Birchbox) a try next cant wait :) xx

  6. Ooh fab review, I've been tempted by glossybox before but think i need to be earning a few extra pennies before i sign up! Ahhh such a cute kitty cat! X

    1. Thank you hon glad you enjoyed it means so much! the kitten is little Billie only 6 months old :) xxx

  7. Lovely blog, followed from BBloggers Hop, please check out mine :)

    1. Thank you for commenting having a look at your blog now :) xx

  8. She said beauty is the best I've tried. I was utterly disappointed with glossy box especially as they gave more of their own brand products, I didn't feel this was what was offered in their sales pitch and boxes bore no resembelance to the customer profile. I like Jolie box, but find the products in She Said Beauty to be more appealing and better value (worth more), so that's why I'm sticking with that. Had a couple of BeTrousse boxes which are great. Full size products and you can see what your getting so can decide wether or not to purchase.

    Vanessa x


    1. Agree with you about the Glossybox own brand products, thought that was pretty cheeky as I don't think their lipstick should be considered worth £10, and I was a bit disappointed as well getting things that didn't match with the profile I filled out. Still was fun subscribing and got a few nice products as well. Not heard of BeTrousse gonna have a look at them sounds really good! xxx

  9. I've had a great experience so far with Glossybox. I'm often thinking how the can afford to send out large size samples of high-end products that I actually use. Love your blog 'keep it up :)

    There's also a current GlossyBox giveaway contest going on Facebook here:

  10. I wish I had seen your review a couple of days ago! I just subscribed to glossybox!
    Please keep us posted if you subscribe to another beautybox, I would like to know if they are any better.

  11. I'm looking for another beauty subscription- I currently receive Ipsy here in the US, & although some lengths are better than others, for $10 a month its a nice surprise & overall they've been pretty consistent (& every month it comes with a cute, small, custom made for Ipsy makeup bag!) I'd recommend ipsy but I'm curious to see what other subscriptions offer!

    Sara M.

  12. *some MONTHS are better than others, rather... not lengths! Sorry! ;)

  13. Oh no, I just signed up to Glossy box! :/
    I have to admit though, there are some samples you got that I think I would have liked. Hopefully I'll get on okay. Do keep us updated on other boxes you try! :) x

  14. Has your opinion changed now? I just signed up last month and was happy with the products that I received. I have written a review on the 2016 May box.


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