FOTD - My friends wedding!

Hello Lovlies!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! First let me start by saying a massive thank you to all my followers, I can't believe I have over 50 followers! It really means so much to me, so thank you to everyone who is taking the time to subscribe and read my blog!

Would really like to do a give away for you guys as a way of saying thank you. If any of you know how to go about this please leave a comment below as I'm not quite sure how giveaways work!

For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may know that I was away at my friends wedding this weekend. I had a lovely time, the weather was great and the bride looked stunning!

Here's all the slap I took with me for the weekend (ok I appreciate it's a bit OTT, but I'm not very confident. I've got quite bad skin and caking all this on makes me feel less insecure about myself)
One thing I'd like to say is that the No 7 lashes are crap! Got them when I had a No 7 £5 voucher, and it was a complete waste of money. They were ruined as soon as I took them out of the packet. Really flimsy and useless. If you want decent lashes I suggest getting the Eyelure ones (which I usually get). They are about the same price and a million times better!

Anyway rant over this is what I managed to do with all that slap I took with me (and sadly I had to go without fake lashes!)

MAC Studio Sculpt in NC30
 MAC Studio Finish in NC 30
 Bourjois Health Mix Concealer in Medium (under eyes)
Chanel Bronze Universal
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Dark
MAC Dollymix Blush
NARS Laguna 
MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl and MAC Vanilla Pigment
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Patina and MAC Mulch eyeshadows (Lid)
MAC Mystery Eyeshadow (Crease)
MAC Dazzlelight Eyeshadow (Highlight)
Bourjois Kohl Contour Eye Pencil (Waterline)
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline (Lashline)
MAC Pro Lash Mascara in Coal Black
MAC Mystery Eyeshadow and Barry M Clear Mascara
MAC In Anticipation Liner and Hot Gossip Lipstick
MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder (Medium)

I realise I use a lot of MAC. Most of the items I got as part of my make up course college. A lot of the other stuff I bought when the college offered us a 35% discount at MAC. This offer nearly bankrupted me! ;)

My dress is from Topshop. I featured it in my Collective Clothing Haul a few weeks back.

Here's the info on my tan and hair colour:
Fake Tan
Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe
Hair Colour  
John Frieda Precision Foam Colour in Medium Brown

The wedding was held in a beautiful barn in High Wycombe and here's a pic of thestunning bride and me!
We went to college together over 10 years ago and it really goes to show that the friends you make at college and uni stay with you for life! So for those of my followers who are starting uni or college this year, good luck and all the best, I hope you will have an amazing time!

Nuala xxx

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  1. You look absolutely stunning :) and if you do have bad skin as you say then you certainly fancy tell! x

  2. Lol *can't tell, stupid predictive text on my tablet, sorry!

    1. Ha ha don't worry my predictive txt is the same! Yea it is really bad, but I do cake on the make up to cover it up ;) xx

  3. Wow, you really did take a lot of makeup with you! But seems that it was worh it as you look lovely :)
    Hope you had a great time at the wedding.
    Mel x

    1. Thanks lovely, we had a really nice time. I know it's def a silly amount of make up to take away with you xxx

  4. Replies
    1. Awww thank u hon dont hear that very often xxx

  5. Thats a lot of make up, but You looked really pretty :)

  6. Hey lovely, I've nominated you for a Liebster award - check out the deets here


  7. I've nominated you for a Liebster award - check out the deets here Rachgrn Liebster Award

  8. Kann mich auch nie entscheiden was ich mitnehmen soll, deshalb wird es auch immer ziemlich viel :D Aber du sahst echt super hübsch aus! xx

    1. Awww vielend Dank! Ich weiß, ist immer so schwer, zu enscheiden, vor allem, wenn man zu viel Schminke hat ;)xx

  9. you both are looking beautiful, Wishing your friend great happiness in her future life :)

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    1. Thank you so much that's so kind! :) xx

  10. Why you are not confident in yourself is beyond me. You are such a stunning girl. Ps I took that much with me this weekend too xxxxx

    1. Aww thanks lovely! I've got really bad skin but you can't tell from the pics cos I wear so much make up and fake tan :) I guess I feel more confident this way. Well done on takin so much with you for the weekend too, best way :) xxx

  11. Wow you're gorgeous! I agree with ^ - you should feel amazing about yourself! <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

    1. Awww thanks lovely means so much! xxx


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