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Hello Lovelies,
A few girls on Twitter have been asking about Make Up courses, so I thought I'd make my first blog about the course earlier this year and I hope you guys find it helpful!

The course I done was at the London College of Fashion and it's called 'The Definitive Guide to Make Up Artistry'. It's a 15 week course run on Saturdays.
Even though it is a bit annoying having to get up every Saturday  for College after a full weeks work, I can honestly say it was defintely worth it!

For the first half of the course we are taken through the decades, starting from the 1920s right up until today, focusing on make up trends during each era. The way the lessons work is that the teacher does a demo on the model, and after the demo we all get to practice the look on each other.

Here is the Make Up I done for one of the 1st lessons, 1920s Make Up! (Minus the dark lips!)

After going through the decades, we focused on areas of the industry which included Catwalk Make Up, TV and Film, Editorial campaigns and Body Painting.

Here's a more creative look I created for one of those lessons!
We were also each given a Make Up Artist or Photographer to prepare a presentation on and present to the class. That way we got to learn about the most important people in the industry, including Alex Box and Pat McGrath, who are two of the most talented and well know Make Up Artists of our time! I done my presentation on David Bailey, and I am actually quite embarrassed that I didn't know much about him before the course. Here's an image of his work with 1960s model Jean Shrimpton. I have done a separate post on David Bailey which you can read my clicking here.
The course also inculded 2 professional photoshoots, where we got to do the make up on models. That was definitely the highlight of the course for me, as I had never worked on a photoshoot before!

The Make Up we used was all MAC, and we all got a make up kit as well as brushes included as part of our course. (The brushes unfortunately weren't MAC though!) We also got a shopping trip to MAC with 35% off everything there, which was brilliant and I think we all went a bit overboard and almost bought the whole shop!

I really enjoyed the course, and if you are thinking of doing on a make up course, I can really recommend it, I had lots of fun and learned so much at the same time.

I hope you find this post helpful. and if you have any questions please comment below!

Nuala xxx

Make Up by me



  1. Thankyou this was really helpful :) You are so good at doing makeup! love all the looks you created :D xx

    1. Awww thank you hon glad you like em, means so much! :) xxx

  2. Wow!! looking very beautiful really you are very good in makeup,thanks for sharing.Make Up Courses

  3. I love how you did there make ups! They all looked beautiful! :) Anyway, where do you get your make ups? Do you know any beauty supply online stores?


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