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I love fake tan! It's probably one of my favourite make up items, together with foundation. 

Even though I've got dark brown hair and eyes, my skin is very, very pale. And I know lots of girls who can carry of the English rose skin, but I'm sadly not one of them. I think I look scary without it, and on me, I definitely prefer the bronzed and golden look. Yes, I admit, sometimes I can go a little overboard and look a bit orange, as you can see in the pic. That was my ginger cat Jessie (sadly she passed away last year), but as you can tell from the pic, my skin tone is not far of the colour of her fur, bless her

 I've tried loads of fake tans, St Tropez, Fake Bake, Lauren's Way but my favourite has to be Xen Tan. I use the dark lotion or the deep bronze luxe twice weekly and top it up with the Garnier summer body in deep. My natural skintone in MAC is NC15, and with the fake tan I'm an NC30. But I haven't been my natural skintone for over 10 years. In my late teens and early twenties, I went on sunbeds all the time, and then I discovered St Tropez, Fake Bake and more recently my new fave Xen Tan! 

You can buy Xen Tan online which is great, and every time you make a purchase they give you 10% of your next purchase, as well as sending you emails with 25% off offers. It applies so easily, just put it on in the evening and rinse it off in the morning. It will stain your sheets, but it dosn't have that horrible bisuit smell that a lot of fake tans have. It actually smell of marzipan and vanilla, and I really like the smell!

The way I apply the Zen Tan is either using latex gloves or a tanning mit (depending what mood I'm in). You can also just use your hands, but they can go a bit yucky and you get tell tale fake tan hands which isn't the best look. The latex gloves I got free from work, but tanning mits are cheap and you can easily find them in Boots or Superdrug if you're in the UK.

As for my face, I don't use any fake tan on it at all. I know there's fake tans out there especially formulated for the face, but I still find it can clog your pores and cause break outs, so I 'd rather just use a darker foundation on my face to match it up to my tan on the rest of my body, and that works great for me. As fake tanning your hands can be a bit tricky, I actually think it's easiest to use a self tanning mist, like the L'oreal Subime Bronze Self Tanning Dry Mist pictured here. 

What are everybody's thought on fake tan? And has anyone tried the Celebrity Bronze Fake tan that Maria Fowler of TOWIE has bought out? I'm keen to give it a go, as well as the Vita Liberata Tan which apparantly last 2-3 weeks! If you have any thought or reviews on them please let me know!

Nuala xxx 


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  1. Great advice! I am SO pale fake tan looks utterly ridiculous on me because it's such a massive difference to usual but I'm always a bit tempted to just go for it?!


  2. Thanks hon! I think you look nice as you are you can def carry of pale skin!
    If your tempted to try fake tan, maybe go for a light version, or a gradual one like the Garnier summer body so it's not such a shock. Some of my friends use it just on their legs to give them a bit of colour in the summer (if it hopefully stops raining!) xx

  3. Hi!
    Is Xen Tan product suitable for all the skin tones?
    And what about its smell? Is it irritating like many other tan products?
    I used a fake tanning product previously which laid me in an awkward situation few months ago because of its smell...
    Fake Tan for Men in UK

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