Collective Clothing Haul!

As I'm on a make up buying ban at the moment (project 10 pan if you know it), I haven't bought any make up items this month, but I have bought quite a few clothes!

It's the end of the month now and I'm completely skint (lucky it's pay day on Thursday!), but I thought I'd show you what I got this month. I'll link all the shops websites below, and as they were all recent purchases you should still be able to find them in stores.

Let me know what you think, if you've got any of the same things or if you've got any clothes haul posts yourself, please link them below as I love being nosey and seeing what other people got too!

Without further ado, here we go:

This top is from Miss Selfridge and as you can see from the label it's got £7 off at the moment so it's £28.00.

I think if you're taller it would look really nice with skinny jeans and heels, or pumps for a more casual look. If you're shorter like me, I think it looks nice worn with leggings and boots.

The other thing I got from Miss Selfridge was this coat:

 I've been eyeing it up for ages, and finally got it today! (But I'm not very good with tying bows!). It's £65, and you get 10% off if you're a student. The sales assistant asked me if I had a student card when I bought it, I was very flattered but sadly I'm not a student anymore.

I've got my mates wedding coming up next month, and I bought this dress from Topshop that I thought I could wear (even though it's black, is it ok for a wedding? Let me know what you reckon please!). It's got a really pretty lace back. The dress is £32.00 (not bad for lace I thought!) and the pearls were on sale at New Look for £2.50.

Excuse the very bad picture I took it myself but here you can see the lace back:

The final thing I got was this little dress from a shop called Yumi for £26.00. I don't think there's many of them around, but the London one is in Notting Hill and they got them in Bath , Bristol, York and in Portsmouth too if you're in the UK. I'll link all websites at the bottom.
I am really loving leopard print at the moment, but I wouldn't wear this dress with heels. Think I'll wear it with  pumps, or boots and  a cardigan if it's coid. 

The lady in the shop suggested wearing it with a waisbelt, but unfortunately I don't like em too much cos as soon as I eat something, I'll have to take it off. But if you don't mind waistbelts I'm sure that would look lovely too!

Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed this post! Let me know if you'd like to see more posts like these in the future, and if you're reading this from the UK, I hope you've had a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Nuala xxx

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  1. That black lace dress is just beautiful I think it's perfect for a wedding especially with light makeup and cute accessories! I also love that coat I nearly brought it myself!


    1. Thanks hon! Got some nude heels they'll go with the dress I was just a bit worried cos you're not really supposed to wear black to a wedding.
      I kept on going back to Miss Selfridge to look at the coat ended up buying it. Thought I'd wait till the sales but didn't wanna chance it in case they don't have my size anymore :) xxx

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    that coat is gorgeous! love it!

    I'm now your 10th follower :D


    1. Thanks hon! You're blogs great, and well done on your 100 followers! :) xxx

  3. Love your Miss Selfridge coat, very nice x

    1. Thanks hon! I'm loving your MUA pallet. It's now on my 'to buy' list as soon as I'm done with my project 10 pan :) xxx

  4. All these clothes are so gorgeous! I am going clothes shopping soon so this has given me some great ideas! Thankyou :) xx

    1. Aw thank you n glad you like em! Lemme know what you get :) xxx


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